Creature Skateboards

Creature Skateboards is the brand for old school skateboarders who want the creepiest designs possible. The brand made skateboarding in Santa Cruz a different experience because of its use of  a unique eerie green color along with creepy details and graphics. Creature Skateboards was initially founded and started by Russ Pope in 1994, but its operation stopped when Pope left the company. In 2005, Lee Charon and Darren Navarrette restarted and re-opened the famous skateboard brand.

Creature Skateboard Decks and Accessories

Creature skateboard decks are what the brand is all about. The Creature skateboard is meant for the skaters who wanted the horror or ghoulish-themed graphics. The decks are strong and durable, with seven-ply Maple as the primary material. The decks are designed with the iconic Creature logo and “evil” graphics like dragons, devils, skeletons, and snakes. The brand also offers durable and high-quality skateboard accessories and parts such as skateboard bushings, colorful tie-dye grip tape, skateboard wax, and rails. If you have no time to assemble your skateboard, Creature Skateboards also has the pre-assembled and customized skateboard. Billion Creation has Creature Logo Speedway Skateboard Deck and skateboard parts on display.

Creature Skateboard Clothing

Creature skateboarding is known for their unique and memorable t-shirts. Billion Creation has some of Creature’s popular shirts, such as the Pale Death white, Creature logo Feast black, and Creature Dressen Pachuco white.

Creature Skateboard Accessories

Creature Skateboards accessories include Creature Genuine Parts Hardware.

About Creature Skateboards

Creature Skateboards was initially founded in 1994 by Russ Pope, a famous artist, and former team manager of Santa Monica Airlines. In 1995, the brand stopped its operation. In 2005, when Lee Charon, the art director of Santa Cruz, and Darren Navarrette, one of the team riders of Creature, revived the brand and put Creature Skateboards back into the limelight.

Creature Skateboards still has the exciting brand and trademark of horror-themed designs and graphics that skaters loved ever since. Despite the creepy edge, Creature Skateboards’ fans and followers would never want the brand in any other way.