Inspired by the athletic youth champions when it comes to having fun and giving good vibes throughout the world, Neff Company creates original aesthetic and iconic designs for winning the global market. As the company continues to expand, Neff has evolved into an active and fashionable clothing line.

Neff Beanies & Hats

Neff beanies and hats are categorized by type: Daily beanie, fold, fisherman, slouchy, pom, knit, novelty, and workwear beanie. These items feature a classic design and made from comfortable, premium materials. The beanies are stretchable and ss great for all size heads.

Neff Wristwatches & Accessories

Aside from hats, Neff watches are also available in a wide variety at Billion Creation. These watches come in a stylish design with different colors to choose from. Some accessories also include socks, lanyards, sunglasses, stickers, scrunchies, watches, air fresheners, snowboard gloves, mittens, and more.

Neff Collaborations

Through the years, Neff already collaborated with The Simpsons, Nickelodeon and Richard Sherman, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, deadmau5, Scarlet Johnson, Freebandz, Sesame Street, East Coast Lifestyle, Disney, Kate Upton, Mac Miller, YoShirt, Wildflower, DC, Mad Engine, and many more.

About Neff

Neff Headwear is a famous brand established solely for headwear. It was the first company in the world that offered authentic headwear for snow and outdoor adventures. The company was founded by Shaun Neff and Joe Neff in Camarillo, California, in 2002. The concept of the company started exactly at the back of Shaun’s car, where he sold his personalized hats and shirts. He had his name written on the items. He had some athletes, like Travis Rice, Lauri Heiskari, and Chad Otterstrom, to wear his beanies and hats on national and professional competitions. Since then, the company started selling Neff beanies and hats, and other Neff headwear.

Originally, Shaun and Joe wanted to get the hippest and coolest snowboarders in California to wear their hand-printed shirts and hats. But when Shaun Neff met Nate Bozung, a professional Utah snowboarder, the idea was changed. Neff was, instead, focused on creating headwear solely for snowboarders.

Neff made it in the global market that it reached more than 45 countries in the world. The brand is now seen displayed in big outlets and stores worldwide. Many popular athletes and celebrities were seen wearing the world’s number 1 brand, Neff beanie, like Pharrel Williams, Kevin Durant, Lil Wayne, Noah Beschen, Austin Carlile, and more. Moreover, Neff remained true to its anthem, “Forever Fun,” and to its aspiration of becoming a part of the action sports and athletic industry.