Cap Accessories

Caps have been around ever since the beginning of the modern age. And many skaters all over the world have been wearing them. Who could blame them though? They are very comfortable, and they look great when you wear them while skating. It is just one of the best articles of streetwear, ever! 

That being said, some skaters undervalue the importance of maintaining their caps. It’s very important to ensure that your caps are clean and in good condition. To do it, Billion Creation has a list of accessories that you could use.

Cap Cleaning 

Skaters all around the world have one problem in common: their caps could get dirty! But, with cap brushes and stain erasers, that problem would be minimized in an instant! Billion Creation offers several accessories to help keep your cap clean!

Safe Storage

Every avid skater cannot stick with just one cap. They need multiple caps for days at the park, on the town, or with friends! Cap carriers offer your caps safe storage, while also helping you to keep things organized. Being able to store 6 caps of your liking is more than enough for long weekends (or trips) where you’ll be away from your entire collection! Luckily, Billion Creation has all the cap carriers you’ll need!

Cap Clips

When practicing a new skating trick, you want to be very focused. Sometimes, wearing a cap is not conducive to that. That’s where cap clips come in. These interesting accessories are a very convenient way to keep your caps within arm’s reach by attaching them to your belt or bag, so you can continue ollie-ing your way to a greater skill set! There are a lot of stylish cap clips here at Billion Creation!

Billion Creation offers several accessories that are very important to amateur (and veteran) cap collectors. From cap carriers to cleaning equipment, we guarantee that you’ll find something to take your hat’s aesthetic to new heights! So, what’s stopping you?