Like peanut butter and jelly, slip-ons have been the go-to partner of skateboards for decades. Skaters everywhere have chosen this type of shoe due to its accessibility and strong grip. With slip-ons, you do not have to worry about laces getting tangled while performing tricks. Billion Creation brings on a collection of slip-ons with punk-inspired designs to match any streetwear outfit. Bring out your inner skater by wearing Billion Creation kicks that scream the chaos and crazy energy of skateboarding!

Checkered Classics

Revive the spirit of the 90’s street scene by putting on some classic checkered slip-ons. Bring back the nostalgia of the early days of the skating culture with Billion Creation’s high-quality checkered shoes. Not only do they come in black and white, but they also offer an array of color combinations that are bound to turn some heads.

Graffiti Kicks

Go wild and channel the true streetwear connoisseur within, thanks to Billion Creation graffiti slip-ons. These shoes will shock you with a bold and daring aesthetic. Coupled with neon and polychromatic combos, “boring” will be a thing of the past. Ride proudly as you show off your comfy, but stylish kicks.  With brands like RIPNDIP and Emerica, you’ll be able to unleash your creative self!

Solid-Colored Shoes

If you are on the mellow side of things, then Billion Creation can also help you. Be the relaxed guy with their selection of solid colored slip-ons. However, some of them show off some mesmerizing neon prints, too! You can easily switch back between plain blocks of color to outlandish monochromatic pigments! With a simple visit to their site, you can achieve that perfect streetwear look.

Leather and Denim Slips

Match your leather and denim with a pair of complementary shoes. Slip-ons made of leather and denim have become popular nowadays, due to modern trends. They have a timeless look and offer more longevity compared to cotton fabric shoes. Keep up with the current street style by purchasing some amazing slip-ons from Billion Creation!

Be the talk of the town with Billion Creation slip-ons. You will never go wrong by putting on some of their branded shoes that go well with any style. So what are you waiting for? Surf the net, visit their site and get some cool kicks for the next time you head out on the town.