Whether you are shopping for skateboard wheels at your local skate shop or online, things can get a little overwhelming — especially when you realize that there’s an entire world of different sizes and colors. But, do not worry, as Billion Creation is here to help you pick the ideal set. You can buy a range of wheels varying from 51 to 53 mm in size – best for trick riding. Perfect for beginners and aspiring skaters!

51 to 53 mm Wheels

Considered to be among the smallest skateboard wheels, the 51 to 53 mm sizes are best for technical trick skating. Best to use if you want quick acceleration time and less wheel bite, these sleek variants are the go-to for skaters! 

If you wish to cruise on the streets or go for the asphalt runways without too much speed, getting some average wheels can suffice. However, having the stability and contact patch of a round-lip shape wheel will give you peace of mind as you traverse more abrasive surfaces.

Billion Creation has a menagerie of designs made strong for trick skating. 

Stylish and Slick Wheels 

Some skateboard wheels seem boring as if running low on power. So, spice things up with some stylish and sleek wheels! A day in the sun seems a bit too much, but riding a good-looking board down the sidewalk can change things up. Available in designs that feature the great wave of Kanagawa and the iconic Naruto design for anime fans, get some style with Billion Creation’s design-focused wheels! 

Offering you the best skateboard wheels on the market, Billion Creation helps you to move forward, regardless of the obstacle! From a smooth-sailing ride to some trick skating that’s both fulfilling, and challenging, it’s your turn to pick your poison! Contact patches to increase movement and decrease friction, or smaller designs that can turn the heat up on your technicality! Maximize your skateboard’s capabilities with a new set of wheels from Billion Creation!