Skateboarders treat their boards like they’re a part of their own family. Every skater goes through the journey of assembling (and caring for) their skateboard. Once purchased, they proceed to connect all of their secondary pieces. When connecting trucks to the deck, you’ll require high-grade nuts and bolts to ensure safety. Billion Creation wants to help you start your journey with their solid selection of skateboard hardware! Sold in a set of nuts and bolts, Billion Creation offers quality equipment that can survive any session!

For Shortboards

If you are into competitive skating or simply an aspiring expert, shortboards are the way to go. It usually has a symmetrical nose and tail, and a rounded wheel. Billion Creation has stocks of precise measurements of 1” bolts that guarantee you accurate installments. They also have alternative models of shortboard nuts and bolts fit for Phillips screwdrivers.

For Longboards and Cruisers

For skaters who just want to cruise along the road, longboards are the best option. Perfect for short trips to the beach or the mall, these boards are larger than the average. Their nose and tails have different shapes and their wheels are flat at the sides. To properly connect your board’s parts, why not visit Billion Creation? They have a good standard of 1 1/8” bolts that comes in different colors and metallic hues — and they’ll even be able to build your deck in-store, thanks to their skate-savvy service experts.

For Boards with Risers

Do you want to have an elevated board height? To increase your deck and truck space, you can always add a riser. Usually made of plastic/rubber pads, they help you avoid nasty wheel bite as you skate around the city. 

Upgrade your performance with a quick order from Billion Creation! Offering a variety of brands and stylish risers, you can mix and match various designs.

For Penny Boards

Hailed as the most affordable boards, pennies are often used for cruising. Made of hard plastic, and outfitted with longboard dimensions, they are very lightweight and easy to carry. For a hassle-free connection of your decks, Billion Creation offers nuts and bolts from trusted brands like Diamond Supply Co. and more!

Prioritize your safety by buying high-quality skateboard hardware from Billion Creation! Offering a wide selection of gear from Creature Skateboards, Hard luck, Baker, DGK, and more, you’ll feel more confident in your day-to-day skating.  Invest in good hardware – there is no price for safety, dependability, and durability.