Launching off of ramps and perfecting your airwalks requires focus and constant training. It can become even more difficult if you’re not wearing the proper gear. Sure, people talk about the importance of wearing a helmet and appropriate padding. But, they seldom mention the relevance of proper underwear. 

Billion Creation solves that problem for you by offering an array of undergarments that are not only comfortable but stylish. Proudly embrace the skater culture in every way with Billion Creation’s affordable and trendy underwear selection.


Do you prefer comfortable and tight briefs during your trips to the park? Well, you don’t need to worry about embarrassing moments and uncomfortable blisters. Billion Creation has a diverse collection of famous brief brands that promise maximum security, hold, and breathability. With elastic bands and 100% cotton fabric, you’ll finally be able to bring your streetwear outfits to the next level.


In comparison to ordinary briefs, boxers offer more breathing room. However, some brands are made of cheap fabrics that easily bunch up and wrinkle. This can cause discomfort and mess you up during your dynamic endeavors. Well, Billion Creation brings to you a plethora of boxers whose brands have been trusted by skaters worldwide. Brixton, 10Deep, and many more can provide you with boxers that feature interesting and creative designs!

Boxer Briefs

Considered as the perfect fusion of security and comfort, boxer briefs have become increasingly famous. Among professional skaters, this has been often their choice of underwear due to its versatility and coverage. Billion Creation proudly offers to you a colorful and diverse array of boxer briefs that caters to every street style. May it be punk, graffiti, or hip-hop culture – you can choose whatever you want for any occasion.

Socks and Tank tops

Billion Creation ups the game by giving you more undergarments like socks and tank tops to match your outfits. With their insulated woolen socks, you can take on any weather. If you are feeling hot and you want more mobility, purchase some of Billion Creation’s amazing and colorful tank tops.

Billion Creation can easily turn the party up and upgrade your streetwear in a matter of seconds! With a simple purchase and a visit to their website, you’ll be able to acquire a handful of great-looking (and affordable) undergarments. Be proud of your style with various products from Sketchy Tank, DGK, Vans, and more.