Clipback Hats

To master your skills on the ramp, you need to put in the practice. This is where the heat of the sun becomes a problem. Getting a headache or sunburn due to overexposure can really affect your game. Avoid getting distracted by the sun’s annoying glare and blow off some steam with Billion Creation caps. Decked out in punk, graffiti, hip-hop, rock, and metal emblems, Billion Creation pulls all the stops. Affordable and comfortable, they have it all for you!


Branded as an iconic look for groms and amateurs, this cap has been around for ages. With a 6-panel top, a wide, flat brim, and an adjustable snap, it’s no surprise that the “clip back” style has been one of the most sought-after in the skateboarding realm. Recognizable for a sticker on the peak of the cap, this has been the go-to pick for every skater. Billion Creation has a wide stock of snapbacks with creative designs and trendy prints to match every type of street style.

Visor caps

Protect yourself from the heat with a sun visor! Known for their crownless top and wide brim that covers the face, they have been used for generations by sports lovers everywhere. Skaters are no exception to this, as they also provide maximum coverage for prolonged sessions. Billion Creation is brimming with a plethora of visor cap designs that are not only protective but colorful and cool.

Panel Caps

Originating in baseball stadiums and fields, panel caps have also earned their place within the realm of street style. With a 5-panel design, it has a shallow crown and an adjustable strap that gives you a comfortable fit. Billion Creation has various panel caps that are made of durable nylon and leather. You may also purchase caps made of suede or canvas.

Trucker Caps

Bursting into the mainstream in the late 2000s, trucker caps have been emerging in the skater scene for a while. Comprised of a foam brim and plastic mesh, it is one of the most comfortable (and light) combos on the market today. Plenty of skaters have headed to session with this look. Billion Creation does not fail you, as they bring stylish and colorful trucker caps into the street once more.

Billion Creation is like a one-stop shop for any skater. Giving you a wide array of caps and hats, you can explore the streets with confidence. Brands such as Vans, New Era, and many more are available to round out any outfit!