Hooded Sweatshirts

There was a time where wearing hoodies would sometimes mark you as a would-be robber. But, thanks to a design overhaul, you will not scare passers-by straight to the other side of the street. The garment has finally turned from a de facto uniform of delinquents to the item most likely noticed when going for a shopping spree.

Khaki Hoodie

Cool, comfortable, and ideal for a drizzly day, khaki hoodies can keep you warm and water-free for a day of skating. With various khaki sweaters available in Billion Creation, you can skate for as long as you like on a humid and cold day. Thanks to blends of synthetic fibers, it will never wrinkle, remain stretchable and strong, and help you to secure heavy tricks that might tear other non-stretchy fabrics.

Over-the-head Hoodie

Also known as a pullover hoodie, they are the most popular type to use because, unlike the zippered counterpart, you do not have to worry about them staying closed while on-board. With over-the-head hoodies at Billion Creation having dramatic designs, you do not need to find the attention that you are looking for, because it will come right to you!  So, not only is the garment soft and thick, but it is also reasonably priced and attractive to wear, too! 

Skate Sweatshirts

Just as the name proposes, it is made for people who love skating. With skate hoodies at Billion Creation, not only will you get the minimal wind drag that you need, but it will also maintain its primary purpose of keeping the chest warm, as the wind might be too much for you to handle. Never to worry about the quality, as every hoodie available has fabrics that are comfortable to use.

Zip-up Sweatshirts

With different colors, designs, and sizes to pick from, a simple zip-up hoodie is enough to suit your liking. Unlike the previously closed types that Billion Creation has in store, this Jacket is suitable to wear in hot climates, since you can unzip it if it gets too warm to use. Able to suit a plain shirt and pants get-up, a zip-up hoodie can always fit any style available when skating, or maybe when taking a stroll uptown where people tend to get fancy!

While the first sweatshirt made was an item of simple clothing to wear to the gym or track, it is now worn everywhere, for almost any occasion. With hoodies being able to compete with your other wardrobe staples, as fun as they are functional, it is designed to keep you warm and cozy. 

From harsh winds to gentle rains, it will protect you. With the hooded sweatshirts available in Billion Creation, which are made from materials and fabric that are sure to pair a casual to formal fit, it is sure to turn heads when wearing it just about anywhere!