Moving around with things that you might deem irreplaceable? Can’t fit it in your pocket? Backpacks are just the thing to use! With packs to help you strap those belongings by the back, front, or side, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Billion Creation. Having a vast array of backpacks to choose from made from durable leather, stain-resistant plastic, and good-quality fabric, you will find the right one for you.

Student Backpack

Student backpacks are the bags to use when you wish for a strong, dependable pack that can do the lifting for you. With brands such as Vans and JanSport in-store, you already know that the materials used to make each model will surely satisfy, while still helping you to comfortably tote your heavy luggage.

Waist bag

Catching onto trends is never a bad thing, so why not try out the waist bags here at Billion Creation? With designs that are distinct or minimal, buying your next bag at our store is the right choice to make. Do not want to bring a big bag along with you? Waist bags are just the thing that could help you to branch into that hands-free carrying experience.

Sling Bag

Made for minimal luggage, Billion Creation offers sling bags as an item of choice. At just an arm’s length, it allows you to keep your stuff in check while never getting a backache from all that weight dragging you down all the time. Sling bags are essential for traveling fast, helping you to keep your essential items within arm’s reach.

Cooler Bag

As the hot summer day beats you down with its radiating waves, you crave for the world to blow the arctic winds your way, so how about getting a smaller version of it? –Introducing cooler bags. With multi-layered insulation to keep that beverage cold or maybe a hot food nice and crispy, you will love this bag, only at Billion Creation. It is a bit bulky for hand-carrying, but it’ll keep your perishable items safe and sound as you traverse the urban environment. 

Backpacks are one of the greatest things to ever happen in life — to bring what hands could not seem to carry. Different types of bags made for specific journeys in life are now made easy. With a design that brings you into new territory, it introduces you to the beauty of bags that your eyes have never discerned.