Dad Caps

Not sure whether to wear something that has “Dad” in its name? Fear not, for this kind of cap is still sought after despite the numerous fashion renditions over the years. You are sure to be protected from sunlight and hair that constantly gets in the way when you are skating, all the while looking cool and sleek. 

There are dozens to choose from at Billion Creation and these are some of the few:

Adjustable Caps

Not sure what size of a cap your head can comfortably fit into? Billion Creation has got you covered, literally! Adjustable caps can easily be calibrated for your comfort and come in a lot of different designs as well. It is popular in streetwear and it can be paired with casual clothes making an effortless finish to any outfit.


This is one of those caps that you could deck out at any time! Strapbacks are one of the hottest types of hats used nowadays, and rightly so, due to the snug, yet cozy fit it offers. Billion Creation offers you a lot of different designs from plain, pastel, to camo. You will surely feel cooler with this hat while you’re out and about.

MLB Caps

If you are a sucker for Major League Baseball (MLB), then you will be glad to know that there are hats from different teams to choose from at Billion Creation. Flex your favorite team whilst learning a trick or two at the skatepark.

NBA Caps

Fans of the National Basketball Association (NBA), do not fret — caps with your favorite teams are also available at Billion Creation. Not only do they display the team that you are so proud of, but they also enhance your confidence as you glide down the street.

Billion Creation offers a multitude of caps that match your style. Providing you with brands like New Era and The Hundreds, you will surely be covered for any event, whilst keeping that subtle and sleek design. No matter the type of hat, be prepared the next time you go out by placing a cap on top. Catch up with the latest trends and streetwear apparel with Billion Creation.