There’s a lot of lingo to know with hats! We’ve compiled a list of words and terminology which you might run into in the hat lexicon. To quickly get to a particular word, press CONTROL + F to open up the find function.

A-Frame Hat
A 5 panel baseball cap where the front panel is double the width of all the other panels and is folded at its top middle to create a rounded surface.

Beanie Hat
See Knit Cap.

See Baseball Cap.

Baseball Cap
Cloth cap with a wide visor at the front of the hat. Originally worn by baseball players with the team logo on the front panel.

Cap of felt, felted jersey or fabric with a soft, wide, circular crown and no visor. Some berets have an interior headband.

See Visor.

Main part of the hat, usually where the head sits. Also commonly called the crown.

Oval hat with round, rigid crown and modeled firm brim. Also known as a derby, because the style was made popular by the Earl of Derby in 19th century England.

The horizontal part of a hat. Can extend completely around a hat, like with a cowboy hat, or partially, like with a baseball cap. Also called a visor, peak or bill.

Bucket Hat
Unstructured cloth hat with a flat top and medium to wide brim.

Camper Hat
5 or 6 panel baseball cap with at least two horizontal panels going down the middle and one panel to both sides. Also called a Jockey Cap.

Closed Back
A cap with a closed back, usually used in reference to baseball caps.

See Structured.

Cowboy Hat
Hat with a high crown and a wide brim originally worn in the American west by cow hands. It is usually made of felt, leather, or straw.

The vertical portion of a hat. Also commonly called the body of a cap.

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Dad Hat
See Slouch Cap.

Derby Hat
See Bowler.

Do Rag
A scarf or cloth worn to protect one’s hairstyle.

English Driving Cap
Low-profile cap, originally only for men, with small brim at the front. Crown may be tailored with side panels, or gored.

The holes in each of the panels of a baseball cap that provide ventilation.

Hat with a lengthwise crease in the crown, and a medium width full brim. Usually made of felt.

Slang for “fifty”. This is often used a reference to New Era “Fitty-Nine Fitty” (59FIFTY) fitted hats.

A visor that is flat, as opposed to precurved. Popular with fitted hats and snapbacks.

See Stretch-Fit.

Forage Cap
Military cap with a small brim, also typical for police uniforms.

Gaucho Hat
A black felt hat with a wide flat brim and shallow flat-topped crown.

Helmet Head
When a person’s hair takes on the shape of the interior of their hat, often due to wearing their hat for an extended period of time.

Jockey Cap
See Camper Hat.

Knit Cap
A soft woven hat usually made from a material that maintains warmth, such as wool. Also called a beanie.

Structured head-cover worn by bishops, characterized by two tall peaks. Often depicted in the bishop piece in chess.

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Open Back
Hat with an opening in the middle of the back of the cap to allow for an adjustable enclosure (like a snapback, strapback, velcro back). Usually used in reference to describe a baseball cap.

Panama Hat
Straw hat hand-woven in Ecuador, made from the jipjalpa palm tree. Originally sold in Panama, hence the name “Panama Hat”.

Used to describe the height of the crown of a hat. A low profile hat will have a short crown and a high profile hat will have a high crown.

The sides of a cap that are sewn together to form the body of the cap.

See Visor.

Pillbox Hat
A small cap with a flat top and cylindrical side. Pillbox caps were traditionally brimless, but there are also pillbox baseball caps with a visor.

Precurved Visor
Visor that comes already set in a curved shape.

Type of beanie that is close fitting and without a cuff. Also refers to a Do Rag.

Slouch Cap
An open backed baseball cap with an unstructured crown. Usually made of soft washed cotton to give a weathered vintage look.

Snapback Hat
Type of baseball cap with a plastic snap adjustable strap on the back.

Mexican hat with a high, conical crown and very wide brim. Usually of straw or felt.

Stetson Hat (Stetson)
Stetson is a brand name of fine quality dress and Western Hats. Many times a Western Hat is referred to as a Stetson.

Stocking Cap
Knitted cap, usually conical and long, often finished with a pompom. Can also refer to a type of do rag.

Strapback Hat
Type of baseball cap with an adjustable fabric strap enclosure on the back.

Stretch-Fit, Stretch Fit
Type of hat with an elastic band around crown. This elastic band is meant to allow for different size heads to be able to fit the same hat.

A hat that has some part that is reinforced to maintain a rigid shape. Also called Constructed. With baseball caps, a Structured Crown refers to the front two panels of the cap being reinforced with a firm interior lining.

Ten Gallon Hat
See Cowboy Hat.

Trucker Hat
A snapback hat that has a crown at least partially made of mesh.

Undervisor, Under Visor, Under-visor
The bottom part of a Visor.

A cap that does not have any backing or reinforcement so that it is malleable and does not hold a rigid shape.

Velcro Back Hat
Type of baseball cap with an adjustable velcro strap enclosure on the back.

A partial brim, usually extending out at the front of a hat or cap. Also called a peak, brim or bill.

Western Hat
See Cowboy Hat.

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