No skater should go out of their house looking like they just rolled out of bed. One of the most noticeable pieces of apparel that sets skaters apart from ordinary people is their jeans. Prioritizing mobility and comfort, groms start with loose fits and cheap pairs. But, you can upgrade your wardrobe with Billion Creation street style jeans! Keep up with the fashion trends, as Billion Creation offers you a plethora of pants and jeans. Both extremely breathable and comfy, they will not fail you.

Skate Jeans

Nothing improves the performance of a skater than a pair of perfectly fitted jeans. Well, the term perfect-fit is different for skaters. Other street styles may prefer skinny jeans, but in skateboarding, cargo skate pants are the go-to pair. Billion Creation offers you durable cargo skate jeans that allow you to perform your maneuvers without hassle.

Distressed Denim

If you are more into the wild side of denim, you can always wear distressed jeans. Also known as ripped jeans, they possess strategically cut-out parts that highlight your legs. They also allow more breathability as you master your tricks, day in and day out.  Billion Creation has a wide selection of distressed jeans that range from slightly ripped to more hardcore styles!

Acid Washed Jeans

Famous for their grunginess, acid-washed jeans appeared in the street style market in the ‘90s. Still relevant today, they bring out your inner chaotic energy with their chemically treated aesthetic. Giving you perfectly bleached jeans, Billion Creation caters to every skater’s dream style. Affordable and high-quality, you can skate with style.

Relaxed and Loose Fits

Defined as the epitome of mainstream skater style, relaxed and loose-fit jeans are the most popular choice. Famous for its baggy silhouette on the hips, thighs, and calves, international artists have been known to rock this look.

Dare to experiment with your look by visiting the Billion Creation website. They offer you jeans from famous brands such as Levi’s, Vans, RIPNDIP, and Dickies, you too can unlock your very own street style. Mix and match your jeans with your outfit depending on your mood.