Mastering your gnarly airwalks and acid drops can be dangerous. Your slippery boards might cause injuries when there is too little traction between your shoes and the skateboard. This is where the Billion Creation grip tapes come to swing things in your favor. 

Mounted on the surface, its sandy and coarse texture will help you increase friction and movement control. With the right choice, you can say goodbye to your amateur status overnight. Full of innovative and creative designs, Billion Creation helps you match your grip tape aesthetic to your streetwear style!

Standard Griptape

Can’t wait to perfect your skills and show off your tricks? Billion Creation helps you to do both by offering high-quality standard grip tape. Offering you a diverse selection of punk and graffiti artworks, you too can express your individuality. The possibilities are endless with grits ranging from high grits that have better traction and low grits for starting groms.

Specialized Griptape

Compared to standard types of grip tape, Billion Creation also caters to the needs of pro skaters and experts. We’ll provide you with specialized grip tape technology from companies like Mob Grip, which are best known for their innovative, high-grit tapes that do not damage your shoes. Not only that, but they also offer alternative street style art on their tapes that enable you to explore your personality.

Non-Abrasive Griptape

If you are like any average skater, you’re conscious of taking care of your shoes. It has been observed that high-grit tapes can scrape the sole of your high-priced shoes, and damage their rubber. But, you can prevent that from happening with Billion Creation’s non-abrasive grip tapes! 

As suggested by the name, they have taken over the skating world by storm. Giving you the same traction as the standard grip tape, it does not destroy your shoes. Billion Creation offers you affordable non-abrasive grip tapes with trendy prints and layouts.

Custom Griptape

Your skating experience is brought to another level with Billion Creation’s custom-designed grip tapes! Whether you are into rock, punk, hip-hop, or metal, they have it all for you. Here to cater to your style and preferences, you can show up to the park with an aesthetically pleasing skateboard. Show off your mind-blowing grip tape designs that exude quality and creativity.

Upgrade your skateboard with a simple purchase from Billion Creation! Grip tapes are more than just protection for your board during tricks, but they are an outlet to express your individuality. Billion Creation offers products from RIPNDIP, Mob Grip, DGK, and more.