Belts are an important thing to have when you are a skater. Imagine: you are doing a complex trick at the park, but once you land it, you wonder why people are looking at you weird. Turns out, your underwear is showing because you didn’t take the time to secure your trousers! Who wants that?

To prevent this from happening, you’ve got to get yourself a belt. There are a lot of types of belts, and some sites might not have them all. Luckily for you, Billion Creation has one of the largest selections of belts in the industry!

Lace Belt

For those who like to wear lightweight pants when skating, you do not need belts that are too bulky or tight. For that, lace belts are there for you! They are very easy to put on, and also very easy to keep taut. They also come on different patterns, so you could ensure your pants are in place, while still remaining stylish. You could find the right lace belt for your needs here at Billion Creation!

Web Belt

This belt was designed for those looking for something strong to buckle their pants with. Web belts ensure that your pants stay in place, so they won’t be in the way during activities like skating, walking, running, cycling, or general leisure! They are best for heavy pants like cargos and khakis. They also come in various colors, and you can find them at Billion Creation!

D-Link Belt

If you want the strength of the web belt and the lightness of the lace belt, then the d-link belt is for you! D-links have a D-shaped buckle — of course, that’s how they got their name. They are very easy to buckle up, so you do not have to take long to get ready for the day! With different colors to choose from, d-link belts can work perfectly with any outfit!

With so many belts to choose from, you will surely not get bored of scrolling through Billion Creation’s catalog! Just hop in and take your time, find your belt of choice, and enjoy! Now, you’re dressed to impress.