Crew Neck Sweatshirts

After taking the global market by a storm in the 1990s, streetwear’s most prominent styles remain relevant, thanks to the perfect fusion of New York hip-hop couture, sportswear, punk, and graffiti art. Since then, it has taken on a new role in the world of skate-savvy apparel and fashion. For groms and amateurs, the journey might begin with something as simple as a sweatshirt. Giving you a plethora of prints, colors, and styles, is part of our mission.

Standard Crew Necks

Paired with baggy jeans, the standard crew neck sweatshirt is the unofficial “official” apparel for skaters. It is recognizable for its rounded neckline. Usually worn on top of layered clothing, this provides you with protection from the heat and the cold as you master your tricks. Billion Creation gives you an array of crew necks sweats, all unique in their design and creativity.


For a more laid back look, you can always turn to the hoodie. Usually worn in the New York skate scene, it has a multi-purpose design that bridges the gap between form and function. Giving you extra cover during those chilly outings, Billion Creation makes sure they cater to everyone’s tastes. With zip-up, drawstring, and oversized hoodies, they’ve got everything you need to turn a cold afternoon into something more memorable.

Fleece Sweatshirts

Despite being worn by the children and elderly, this sweater has certainly become more trendy within the modern streetwear audience, in recent years. Fleece sweatshirts are ultra-lightweight and give the best protection from the cold. But, you need not worry about looking like a kook; Billion Creation has sourced all the best fleece sweaters to keep you looking great, without being too basic! Ranging from solid-colored fabrics to out of this world designs, you can channel your creative energy with a well-formatted ensemble.

Zip-up Sweats

Partnered with a parka or a denim jacket, zip-up sweats are known as the most practical type of streetwear apparel. They are easy to take off and put on while providing more creative ways of layering. Some skaters tie them to their waist to give them that dramatic effect during tricks. Billion Creation helps you to achieve that with their wide selection of zip-up sweats.

Go crazy and unleash your inner urbanite. Throw in some denim, leather, and baggy pants and you will truly look the part. With Billion Creation, you can experiment with different street styles! Choose your pick from a Black Scale, HUF, Primitive, Vans, The Hundreds, and more!