Casio Computer Co., Ltd is a Japanese manufacturing company for consumer electronics and commercial electronics. Its headquarter is located in Shibuya Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1946 by four Kashio brothers, namely Tadao Kasio, Toshio Kasio, Kazuo Kasio, and Yukio Kashio, the company started as Kashio Seisakujo.

Casio Watches

Casio is a popular name in the world of electronics, not only in calculators but more notably in Casio wristwatches. Most of the Casio watches are best-sellers not only in Japan but throughout the whole world. The Available at Billion Creation, Casio wristwatches, and the G-Shock watches are often considered as collector’s items because of their unique designs over the years.

Casio products are fully functional and extremely versatile, and it has a large and massive market presence globally. Carrying the emblem that symbolizes the four brothers and the corporate creed “creativity and contribution,” Casio continues to produce innovative products that help people and society to move forward.

About Casio

Drawing inspirations from the electric calculators they saw at the Business Show in Ginza, Tokyo, they capitalized on their profits and developed Japan’s first electro-mechanical calculator in 1954. In 1957, after its name was changed to Casio Computer Co., Ltd, the company released the first-ever all-electric compact calculator. It also moved the Kashio brothers to develop more budget-friendly electronic pieces, like electronic instruments, musical keyboard instruments, analog and digital wristwatches, calculator watches, film cameras, digital cameras, cash registers, laptops, digital diaries, electronic games, clocks, computer printers, and portable televisions. They also developed the G-Shock, and Baby G-Shock watch Casio.

In 1965, more than 50 sales outlets were distributing the Casio watch, and in 1966, the electronic desktop calculators were exported to other countries for the first time. Eventually, more offices and branches were opened in Europe, the USA, Canada, London, Taiwan, Asian countries, and different parts of the world.

Casio’s products in the worldwide market include calculators, timepieces, smart outdoor watches, electronic musical instruments, label printers, cash registers, projectors, laptops, handheld terminals, mobile phones, and stamp makers.