Dark Seas

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Dark Seas Clothing is a brand made for individuals with extraordinary bravery to live without fear in style. The clothes are designed with colorful graphics and artistic details. Dark Seas designs boast of traditional art and their iconic naval symbols.

Dark Seas Shirts & Shorts

Clothes and apparel are designed to suit a comfortable size, style, and lifestyle. The line includes shorts and t-shirts, both in a variety of designs.

Dark Seas Accessories

Dark Seas accessories like Stickers at Billion Creation come in different styles with ocean themes.


Dark Seas collaborated with famous clothing companies like Log Rap, Grundens, and R&R. More collaborations are expected to happen as Dark Seas Division continues to explore. Dark Seas Division clothing has been true to its core values: Authenticity, Exploration, Community, and Irreverence. After a decade of being in the industry, the brand is still empowering and influencing the youth of the new generation to go where the compass takes them and where the anchor holds.

About Dark Seas

Dark Seas was founded by Adrian Lopez, a professional skateboarder and designer in 2009. He started the brand as an extension of his profession and career in skateboarding. Adrian wants to create a line of clothes and apparel ranging from t-shirts, tank tops, flannels, board shorts, pants, sweatshirts, and outerwear in unique and original designs that embody the men and women generation to another.

Inspired by the natural attachment to water, Dark Seas are intended to combine honorable traditions and the passion of the respectable explorers and voyagers, as well as of the ordinary men and women who are modern-day adventurers. Dark Seas Division encourages everyone to explore their chosen path with style and passion.

Dark Seas brand is intended to match quality materials with timeless designs, as well as the company’s unique perspective, to bring the brand in every corner of the world. Dark Seas Clothing and accessories are unique and original with a nautical attitude. Aside from the Dark Seas logo, each item is designed by artistic designers and creative people, one of which is the famous artist Wes Humphreys.