Whether it is for a sense of belonging, a style with which to identify oneself, a form of expression, or the simple thrill that comes with an engaging sport, skateboarding has yet to let any youthful heart down. Known as the third most popular sport in the United States alone, the skateboarding community has considerably grown in size in the past decade. 

Perhaps now is the best time for a change of pace and environment. Immerse yourself in the exhilaration of something new — of a covert passion. All you need is a skateboard, and Billion Creation has just that.

Longboard Skateboards

Longboard skateboards are characterized by their length, all of which are at least 33 inches. Getting acquainted with Longboards is highly advisable, especially for beginners, because these provide the most support and stability. It also promotes balance and its soft wheels make it very maneuverable over rough city streets and abrasive surfaces.  

Cruiser Skateboards

In contrast to Longboards, Cruiser skateboards are significantly shorter. Such a design makes for the advantage of easier, more efficient transport. Its physique also allows the skater to make tight turns, which are amazing for more technical riding. 

Mini-Cruiser Skateboards

Very much like cruiser skateboards, Mini-Cruisers are their own miniature version of the genre’s famous Cruiser silhouette. What makes it distinct is its wider and softer wheels. These mini-cruisers are best for what their name suggests – cruising along the road, and commuting from one place to another. Those who wish to give skateboarding a try are more likely to purchase this style,  attributed to the fact that these boards offer great balance and solid all-around performance.

Double-Kick Skateboards

Most professional or experienced skateboarders are most likely to find themselves owning a Double-Kick skateboard. These have helped in the advancement of the sport so much that it is known to be the most essential innovation in the skateboarding scene. The two kicks on both ends are its distinct feature and allow for a number of different tricks to be performed.

With so many different boards to choose from, Billion Creation definitely has the best one for you! Whether you are a beginner or a professional, a teenager or an adult, introspective or exuberant, one thing is for sure – Billion Creation has an array of skateboards that will not fail you.