Sometimes, having the right outfit does not complete your style; and in these times, you might also need accessories to stand out. Billion Creation proudly offers a wide variety of accessories for you to pick from.

Stickers, Pins, and Patches

If you are a sucker for small additions to your outfits or accessories, Billion Creation provides you with a wide range of wonderful stickers, pins, and patches. With designs from brands ranging from DGK, Santa Cruz, Primitive, RIPNDIP, and many more that can accompany any quirky style.

Backpacks & Bags

Need to buy a new backpack? Billion Creation offers a stash of bags from totes, body packs, academy bags, or simple backpacks to accompany you in your travels. They come in a lot of different designs from plain colored to ones with complex patterns that are complementary to a lot of styles.

Stylish Affordable Wristwatches

Having a watch will keep you focused and aligned with any of your activities. Billion Creation offers a collection of watches that are fit for any occasion. In case you were looking for a sports watch or a flashy and fancy one, there are many stylish watches to choose from at Billion Creation.


Billion Creation provides you with numerous streetwear fashion or casual socks if you are looking for new socks to roll with your new shoes. They come in different colors and vibrant patterns, from tube socks to no show or invisible socks that will surely keep you cozy and warm. We are proud to carry Stance socks, known for their comfort and quality, as well as unique designs.

Other Accessories

These are not the only products that Billion Creation offers. There are also sunglasses, cap accessories, wallets, belts, and many more clothing accessories that you might need.

Accessories may be subtle additions, but they provide you with a sense of originality. Whatever your style may be, adding accessories will not hurt, it may even be the cherry on top. Keep connected with your unique style and experiment creatively with Billion Creation.