Flexfit Hats

With streetwear styles differing from one to the other, hats are diverse as they could be. But, as every style needs a hat to complement one’s outfit, a flex-fit hat is just the right thing! With more than 80 different options, Billion Creation is sure to provide you with every type that you will ever need!

With caps that offer endless possibilities for each skater to discover, the wide choice of exceptional flex-fits can match every aspect of a skater’s outfit that they never knew existed!

Plain Hats

As some hats show off color and design that is too much for comfort, why not take a few steps back and try plain colored hats? With plain flex-fit hats at Billion Creation, its minimal colors can not only be an addition to your outfit but also give it more than just a pop! Plain hats can offer diverse ways to compliment outfit selections; not only can they accompany you as you search for new spots around town, but they will also help you to become a worthy successor for both skating and streetwear, alike!

Baseball Hats

Like other flex-fit caps, this hat features a fitted design with an elastic closure, offering a breathable cap with proper ventilation for a hot summer day. But, baseball hats are simply a step up! With the logos of some of the most famous baseball teams around, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect cap for you! Not only are the caps at Billion Creation comfy to wear, but they’re also perfect to compliment a jersey or jacket when going out for some fresh air!

Flex-fit Trucker Hats

As some trucker hats have snapback or strapback designs for adjustments to fit your head, some tend to test your patience and ultimately ruin the mood. So, why not get one that can stretch to fit the head? With flex-fit trucker hats that feature mesh backs and sides available in Billion Creation, you are sure to let the breeze pass through your hair,  while still acquiring the perfect look to pair with your outfit! 

As you can see, flex-fits have different types, especially the ones in Billion Creation. But, as details come into play, each is unique in its own way. With different colors, materials, and choices of styles to pick from, you’ve finally come to the right place — rest assured that we have the flex-fit that can match any streetwear style that you can come up with. To skaters who love to dress accordingly, Billion Creation will help you to set the standard for style and application.