Many avid skaters add miscellaneous accessories to their boards to make them look cool. Different board designs or wheels of varying color — it’s a huge battlefield of who has the coolest board of all! There is one thing you could do to improve your board game – stickers!

Stickers are one of the many ways you could express yourself using your skateboard. They come in different shapes, sizes, and genres; there are just so many to choose from! There is most certainly one that is perfect just for you here at Billion Creation!

Otaku Collection

If you like skateboarding (which of course you do), and you like anime, then otaku stickers are just for you! Stickers depicting various characters from famous anime shows like Naruto and Astro Boy are certainly something that you would want on your board! All of those (and more) can be found here at Billion Creation!

Brand Stickers

If you want more of a simplistic style and a more formal look on your skateboard, there are also stickers for those! Stickers with famous brand logos like Vans, Santa Cruz, and many more are a famous choice for skaters! Billion Creation boasts a vast array of brand stickers just for you!

Graffiti Stickers

If you are the type who likes to express themselves with more “explosion”, and more “zing and pop”, graffiti stickers are for you! As common knowledge, if talking about skateboarding culture, there is also graffiti. It is basically in the same family! If you want a hip-hop vibe on your board, then graffiti stickers are a good choice, and Billion Creation can offer them to you!

There are infinite choices of stickers that you could choose from while visiting Billion Creation. You will definitely have a fine time browsing through their collection!