In clothes, it is seen that there is such a combination of colors and prints that perhaps, all the beauty it is capable of making is being noticed. So unique is every person, so very distinct from all others that the pursuit of individuality has taken hold of the hearts of the masses. The need to make a statement, to make oneself known—whether in words or clothes, is ever-present.

The bright side to all of this? Billion Creation has everything you need. Shirts that scream vivacity or defiance, shirts that whisper tender feelings of devotion, or shirts that simply exude joy.

Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts, infamously known as plaid shirts, are loved and used by so many. Anyone could spot this from ten meters away, and with good reason. Checkered and warm, the flannel material makes this extremely appealing. Choose from among the many flannel shirts that Billion Creation has! It can be worn as a jacket or as a shirt and is extremely comfortable and reliable, making it amazing for outdoor activities or casual meetups. 

Button-Up Shirt

The button-up shirt makes a statement on its own. Inspired by the 1800s, this shirt is the modern take on the otherwise traditional dress shirts of before. Billion Creation is home to an array of the best button-up shirts, ranging from colorful designs to monochromatic styles. And the truth is that you can hardly run out of things to do with this shirt. Wear it with a suit and tie, open the collar and pair with shorts, roll up the sleeves or keep them down, it is totally up to you!


Billion Creation also provides you with a various collection of sweatshirts! Usually made of wool, sweatshirts were made to keep you both warm and cozy. The sheer athleticism that these shirts pose is undeniable and its versatility makes it that much more likable and agreeable to pros. They can also come with hoods and offer more protection and insulation. 

Classic Short-Sleeve Shirt

The classic short-sleeve shirt is characterized by its collar, which is both open and pointed. Very similar to the button-up, its versatility makes it great for a café date or a beach adventure. Billion Creation allows you to give off that youthful feel with the short-sleeved style, making it hard not to feel young at heart yourself.

Billion Creation has partnered up with a massive range of companies such as Dickies, Vans, and Brixton, to name a few. It has all the right shirts and all the right patterns to help you build your own character. Know yourself, make yourself known, and be one of the few who are brave enough to make a statement with your own fashion!