With female consumers seen as an opportunity in streetwear, the number of female brands is still less. Streetwear accessories for women seem to lack in number and are sometimes challenging to market. One need not look anymore, as Billion Creation offers streetwear apparel and accessories for women. From bags that suit every hip and curve, to watches that compliments each get-up, you are sure to catch admiring looks as you glide across ramps and streets!


When purses become a hassle, especially when skateboarding, why not try normal designs for everyday use? With waist bags available at Billion Creation, you can skate to your heart’s content, without losing valuable mobility. Backpacks at Billion Creation can easily praise any outfit like an oversized shirt or a polo that matches your favorite color, it is surely versatile with what it can do!


With socks that can make your feet float as you stride with an outfit to rock with, and slippers to wear at home, or maybe a midnight stroll, Billion Creation offers a large number of no-shows and cotton socks that are breathable and comfortable. You’ll find an endless number of designs that are both unique, and sleek.


Wristwatches and bracelets are easily overlooked — marked off as a thing that is not really needed, at a glance. One may think that simple things cannot compliment a get-up, but they are dead wrong. With bracelets and watches at Billion Creation — offering colors such as jet black and rose gold — it can pair a minimalist style like an all-black outfit, or possibly a tucked-in shirt and ripped jeans.

With women’s wear being a key to unlocking one’s confidence, wearing what Billion Creation has to offer can give you what you need to make your outfit a surefire hit. Each step you take leads to a better outfit to choose from, you can finally stop picking the smallest sizes in the male’s aisle, and find your own in just the right size.