Stance was founded by Jeff Kearl, John Wilsons, and Aaron Hennings, Ryan Kingman, and Taylor Shupe in 2009. Since then, Stance socks set a reputation and a significant sale record. The brand reached more than 40 countries worldwide in its first two years in the market.

In 2015, Stance was recognized as the official sock of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Major League Basketball (MLB) in 2016.

Aiming to be unique when it comes to style and design, Stance socks are equipped with high-quality materials and technologies. All the socks from Stance offer a perfect combination of style and comfort. Stance has become a favorite brand for men and women who are looking for stylish yet high-performing socks. A significant number of hardcore athletes, award-winning performers, iconic celebrities, and even fashionable individuals choose Stance over other brands.

Stance Sock Materials

Using only the best and high-quality materials, Stance made each pair of socks to perfection by using their signature fibers. The fabrics used are meant to keep the socks in their shape. It also makes the sock more comfortable to wear, with a soft and cozy feel. Stance socks are cool enough to keep basketball players’ feet happy during the big game. There is no doubt they can keep your feet cool and comfortable on warm days and throughout the day. No matter what you do – from work to the gym, the socks will not disappoint.

Stance Sock Design

Using both science and art, all products are designed not only to achieve style but also to inspire. With its mission to provide high-performing and comfortable socks, Stance socks did shine because of their impressive, premium design. The colors, prints, patterns, and cuts are paired with softness, comfort, durability, and a decent fit.

There are several limited-edition collaborations, too. Among the favorites include the Super Invisibles and the tabbed socks. The Super Invisible socks are designed with a no-show style, and the tabbed socks are designed for running and training purposes.


What makes Stance socks unique is the technology they use. Each pair of socks is equipped with Feel360 Technology. It allows the socks to wick moisture, reduces odor, and at the same time, is resilient to wear and tear. Stance socks are made to stay dry, fresh, and durable even after more than a hundred uses.