Birdhouse is one of the hottest brands of skateboards. They are known in for having the most solid construction of their skateboards and accessories, as well as fresh iconic graphics. Birdhouse was founded in 1992 by Tony Hawk and Per Welinder, both pro freestyle skateboarders. Originally, Birdhouse Skateboards was at first just a simple Birdhouse Projects, aiming to stay involved in skateboarding even after retiring. Birdhouse now has a wide range of designs for clothing and accessories, aside from the large selections of designs for skateboard decks and more.

Birdhouse Skateboards

Birdhouse offers the highest quality of skateboards made from excellent materials and excellent construction using maple wood. Unlike any other brands, Birdhouse skateboard decks are unique and different because of the fun and impressive cartoon-styled graphics and images. Aside from animated images of people and animals, goofy faces are also among the various designs on decks.

Birdhouse skateboard decks are made using a durable and robust 7 ply Maple wood. Birdhouse wheels are also offered by Birdhouse, sporting a smooth ride with style.

Birdhouse features unique edition skateboard decks including the Vintage 1990s, Shaun White Pro, David Loy Skull, Clive Dixon Violation, Jaws Game Over, Shawn Hale Encounters, Ben Raybourn Pinhead, Suketodo, Old School Hawk Skull, Eric Andre, Alec Beck, and a lot more. Billion Creation proudly offers the Birdhouse Clint Walker Vices Skateboard.

Birdhouse Clothing

Professional designers and independent artists expertly design birdhouse skateboarding apparel.

Birdhouse tees and Birdhouse hoodies are among the best-sellers. There are various designs to choose from because Birdhouse collaborated with some of the best streetwear brands.

About Birdhouse Skateboards

Twenty-five years ago, when it was still Birdhouse Projects, it was more focused on the street skate style than the freestyle. Birdhouse Projects back then had team riders that include Jeremy Klein, Willy Santos, Andrew Reynolds, Matt Beach, and more. Tony Hawk and Per Wlinder named the project Birdhouse after Hawk’s nickname, Birdman.

Birdhouse became popular in the skateboard industry that professional skaters want to be in the team. In 2017, they started to include female skaters such as the pro skateboarder Lizzie Armanto. Birdhouse has put together some of the best members and names respected in skateboarding.