Brixton Hats

The classic Brixton hats are among the first items marketed under the brand. They include the wide brim hats and full brimmed hats in fedora style and in bucket styles, as well as the classic trucker hats and signature Brixton snapback caps.

Brixton Clothing

Brixton clothing is known for the classic streetwear/workwear look paired with high-quality and extremely comfortable materials. Enjoy colorful plaid or striped shirts in various fits, durable denim jeans, or the perfect shorts for summer, all made by the Brixton team. You’ll also find Brixton classic button-up shirts in a variety of fashionable colors and patterns.

Brixton Collaborations

Brixton has collaborated with Chevrolet, Captain Fin, Juxta, Bumbag, Spitfire, and many more.  Now that the Brixton clothing brand has reached more than 32 countries, Brixton remains to be a brand that maintains the highest standards in skatewear products. Brixton also includes a commitment to sustainability in every product they make.

About Brixton

Brixton is a famous clothing brand founded in 2004 in a Southern California garage by three friends David Stoddard, Jason Young, and Mike Chapin. Brixton came together through Stoddard’s work with Jason Young at TransWorld Magazine, a large skateboarding media outlet. They wanted to have unique products that convey their specific skate lifestyle and personality. The brand name was taken from the song about the Brixton riot, The Guns of Brixton, sung by The Clash.

The brand initially focused on headwear, with their popular Brixton hats. The collection of brimmed headwear was designed not only for function purposes but also for impeccable style.  Aside from the famous trucker hats, fedoras, and wide-brimmed hats, the brand expanded into clothing lines, which include jackets, flannels, and all different kinds of apparel and accessories.

The Brixton apparels are a collection of prints and colors blended with a variety of culture and style. The brand emphasized the timeless classic design in a clean and modern style. Each item is made with full commitment and durability, bringing out the very best of the skateboard and streetwear culture, community, and arts.