Bakerboys Distribution

Bakerboys Distribution is one of the most popular companies for skateboards, clothing, and other skate accessories. It features products from renowned brands like Shake Junt, Deathwish, Birdhouse Skateboards, Ashbury goggles, Death Lens, Illegal Civilization, and their own Baker Skateboards. Professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds founded Bakerboys in 2000, with their first products being decks, soft goods, accessories, and wheels.

Bakerboys Skateboards & Skate Accessories

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Bakerboys T-Shirts

Aside from skateboards, a wide variety of Bakerboys T-shirts are also available at Billion Creation. These shirts are made from high-quality materials, delivering both comfort and durability. The T-shirts proudly carry the Bakerboys design and branding, and they are also available in a few different color options.

About Bakerboys Distribution

Reynolds fell in love with skateboarding early in his life, beginning to skate at nine years old. At that time, he enjoyed Powell videos, which influenced him to carry on with skateboarding. His name was finally heard during the early 1990s when he was invited to join Birdhouse as an amateur.

In 1999, Reynolds left his team at Birdhouse Skateboards and opened Baker Skateboards with several other professional skateboarders. The company’s name came from the lifestyle of someone who smokes cannabis or “gets baked.” They also signed a deal with Blitz distribution in 2007, which allowed them to distribute the same brands, like Birdhouse, Fury, and Hook-ups. After just a year, Bakerboys Distribution became the top-selling brand amongst those under the Blitz Distribution umbrella. Finally, in 2011, the Bakerboys themselves managed the company.

Jay Strickland, an artist, and co-founder of Bakerboys Distribution designed their logo with an important representation to skateboarders in mind. He mentioned that it reminds them that they had a motley company, a great mixture of different and talented skateboarders.

One of their well-known skateboarders, Leo Romero, left the team in April of 2009, which led to a lot of talks between skateboarders and fans. After his departure, he was awarded “Skateboarder of the Year” by Thrasher Magazine in 2010.

The Baker team also found fame on YouTube after The RIDE Channel announced in March 2013 that they would be featured on a series called “Baker Zone.” The series was filled with challenging videos from the Baker company, like “Weekend Warriors,” “Piled Out,” “Trash Compactor,” and “Dumb Ass Park Footy.”

What once started as a small studio in Hollywood is now gaining fame, especially on the Internet. The Bakerboys Distribution Company will make sure that award-winning brands, like the Palace skateboard, is accessible to skateboarders and that the amateur skateboarders being invited to the team will grow into professionals.