Huh.. Bearings

Huh Bearings brand is a famous brand known for their skateboarding bearings and hardware. Bearings are crafted from the highest quality materials and precision technology to provide exceptional performance. Huh Bearings are manufactured by Huh Hardware in San Diego, California.

Huh Bearings

Huh Bearings are made for the most demanding of skateboarders. Huh’s bearings are made with ultra-high precision ball bearings that make skating soft, smooth, and perfect. Being designed with high precision abs spacer technology, expect superior performance, as well as durability. Bearings are pre-lubricated using high-grade speed oil so that each ride is smoother, and rotation is longer. Huh Bearings outer rings are also made from high-grade tempered steel designed for high impact skating.

Huh Bearings brand features the Blueberry and Green bearings that make the skateboarding experience a stylish one. For Huh Bearings and all the skateboarders, green bearings mean GO. Colored bearings make skateboarding experience different and fun.

Huh Bearings Skateboard Parts and Accessories

Huh Bearings are also offering skateboard parts and accessories like skateboard trucks, chilling wax, Hardware, grip tapes, and hats.

The Chillin Skate Wax for skateboards is the wax to be used for smooth slide and grind. Rubbing it on the deck will help reduce friction and to fill in the gaps to roll even on a hard surface.

The Huh Bearings l” Phillips Skateboard hardware, which is a set of 8 bolts in 1” size, are made from tempered steel mounting hardware for high-performance quality. Grip tapes come in black color with the brand logo, mostly in 33 x 9 inches each sheet.

Billion Creation offers Huh Bearings silver Trucks and black grip tape. The silver skateboard trucks carry the brand’s logo and are made from high-quality steel and technology. They are made to be easily adjustable to meet the size of the skateboard deck.

About Huh.. Bearings

Huh Bearings are designed and tested in San Diego, California. Huh Hardware understands that the right choice of bearings is important in achieving the smoothest and fastest ride. However, maintaining the bearing should be considered to ensure that the skateboarding performance is always on top. The bearings from Huh Bearings are designed for easy maintenance and durability against friction, dirt, and water.