Melin Headwear, also simply called Melin, is a Southern California lifestyle brand of premium hats created to be the world’s best headwear possible. Melin was founded by Bryan McDonell and Corey Roth. Bryan and Corey are two different individuals, yet their differences became their most significant asset as they establish the world’s most recognized brand of headwear.

Drawing inspiration from the art of millinery, which is the craft of customizing to fit every individual’s needs, the style of Melin hats is uniquely conceptualized. The founders spent years mastering the construction of the hat. They searched the world for the most iconic fabric mills and chose the best materials available to come up with the most premium caps ever introduced in the market. They both wanted to focus on designing specific headwear styles that will look not only great but also feel comfortable to wear even throughout the day.

Melin Hats

Melin Headwear features different styles and designs of hats. They include flat-visor hats, curved visors, and beanies. The best-sellers in Melin hats are the A-Game Hydro curved visor hats in the A-Game collection and the Trenches Hydro. Billion Creation currently offers Melin Intrigue Strapback Hat.

The HYDRO Collections are engineered with hydrophobic technology or water-repelling materials and construction. The THERMAL collections are engineered with Climate Adapt Technology or materials and construction that resist snow and moisture on cold weather.

Each hat is created using the finest materials hand-selected and picked from available sources across the globe. Melin carefully selected the most iconic fabric mills to produce the hats with moisture-wicking interior lining and custom molded trims. The interior part also has the Melin signature hidden besom pocket. The exterior part of the hats features the hydrophobic crown panels made with laser perforation for breathability. The visor part of the headwear is made with hydrophobic materials capable of resisting water. Snapback closure is custom-made to be soft to touch and soft on the skin.

Partnering with Phil Mickelson, Melin created the A-Game collection, which is upgraded explicitly to custom-made hats for playing even in the rain. A-Game hydro hats feature a bill made from resin, not cardboard, to prevent water absorption from a standard golf cap to moisture-wicking ball cap. Because it has materials that repel water, you can expect Mickelson to enjoy playing the game even in the midst of pouring rain.

Melin Headwear Accessories

Melin also offers accessories for headwear such as the hat stash travel case, which is made from 3-D-EVA foam core, poly laminated material, ballistic nylon, branded zipper, and low profile design for easy storage. Melin also offers protective storage case made from vegan leather for displaying, storing, and traveling purposes.

About Melin

Melin Headwear has been in the business for almost a decade. Founded in 2013, Bryan McDonell and Corey Roth’s mission is to create the finest headwear crafted to perfection suitable for any individual’s specific style. The superior design and innovative technology used for the hats caught the attention of different brands. Collaborations and partnerships were formed with Red Bull, Beverly Hills, LA Kings, and many more.