RVCA, the Balance of Opposites, is a brand of streetwear clothing based in Costa Mesa, California. It was founded by Pat Tenore and Conan Hayes in 1999. Their intentions in establishing the brand were to create a specific platform wherein arts, fashion, music, culture, and modern lifestyles are combined, pushing the boundaries to inspire people of different generations.

RVCA is strongly associated with street subculture and various sports like skating, surfing, and MMA. The brand has sponsored different sportspeople and artists in all parts of the world. PM (Pat) Tenore is a black belt holder in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and  his passion for MMA shows in the brand designs. He even built a training facility in Costa Mesa, California, the RVCA Sports Training Center.

In 2010, RVCA was purchased by Billabong International Limited, and in 2018, Boardriders purchased Billabong. RVCA is now owned and operated by Boardriders, and still kicks out the best streetwear in the business.

RVCA was inspired by the symbolism “V” and “A,” which means “the balance of opposites and how they coexist.” It means that nature and industrialization both coexist, just like how man and woman, past and present, and today and the future are of great importance. For its founders, the company is about inspiring people from different generations, from all walks of life, to be in harmony through its RVCA clothing products.

RVCA Sports

From RVCA shirts to RVCA shorts to various designs of RVCA hoodies, there is a large selection of sports apparel for men and women at RVCA. Yogger shorts (similar to active shorts seen in sportswear) and boardshorts are also designed in excellent quality, as well as the swimwear and sports accessories. RVCA backpack and RVCA hats are available here at Billion Creation too, so be sure to shop our full RVCA selection of products.

RVCA Fashion and Style

Men’s tees and men’s trucker hats are among the best-sellers. RVCA dresses, rompers, pants, and denim are in a wide range of designs to suit all tastes. There are impressive designs for women, teenagers, and kids, too.

RVCA Collaborations

The unique designs are loved and adored even by competitors. It resulted in big collaborations with Shoyoroll, Birdwell, New FMJJ, Resoborg, and many more.

After two decades of providing redefined fashion styles through the balance of opposites, the brand continues to improve its products not only for marketability, but also to create harmony among athletes, artists, musicians, and individuals. Supporters and followers can expect more world tours, as well as collaborations, sponsorships, and partnerships. Shop RVCA streetwear at Billion Creation today!