Salty Crew

Salty Crew is widely known for its unique neo-surf aesthetic design giving surfers and adventurers authentic clothing and gear for surfing, fishing, diving, and sailing activities.

Salty Crew Shirts, Shorts & More

For good reasons, the Salty Crew logo has been the most sought-after and best-selling brand in different outlets.

Salty Crew has a line of clothes for men and boys at Billion Creation. Among the favorite items include the Salty Crew t-shirts, Salty crew boardshorts, Salty Crew jackets, and Salty Crew hoodies. The brand has a large variety and designs for sweatshirts and windbreakers, too. All Salty Crew apparel is made from high-quality materials and designed with aesthetic surf-inspired designs.

Salty Crew Hats

Salty Crew designs stylish and durable hats made for the beach. Popular 6 panel Salty Crew hats are available here at Billion Creation.


Coronado Brewing collaborated with Salty Crew. Other prominent brands and companies that collaborated with Salty Crew include Amadeo Bachar, Ron Jon, Blonde Ale, Islanders Coastal Outfitter, Nixon Watches, Super Seeker, Wahoo Mount, Traeger Grills, and more.

About Salty Crew

The clothing brand was established and founded by Clifton James “CJ” Hobgood, Jared Lane, Hayden Lane, and Milo Myers in 2014 in California. The idea started after CJ observed that the surfing industry was already migrated far from the beach as surfers loose sponsorships. He wanted surfers to find refuge in the sea and to get back in tune with the ocean.

The aim to rebuild a person’s connection to the ocean is what inspired Salty Crew to establish a company that offers a “Surf Fish Dive Sail” line of adventure apparel. Salty Crew, which means Salvaging A Lifestyle for Tomorrow’s Youth (SALTY), was created to bring back surfing into the ocean. The founders believed that the industry would get back to its feet again if they create a haven for the members of the surf community,