RIPNDIP is a famous brand known for its funny (and perhaps sometimes dirty and rude) character – Lord Nermal, the iconic white cat. It was founded in Orlando, Florida, in 2009 by the skateboarder, Ryan O’Connor. His clothing line started very small at first, but it became a real smash hit as word spread. RIPNDIP has quickly become one of the hottest and sought-after skateboard apparel brands in the world.

The “RIPNDIP” logo was first introduced in the skateboarding community when O’Connor scribbled it on the skateboards of campers who attended a skate camp in the summer of 2006 in Pennsylvania. After seeing how the skaters were excited, O’Connor designed t-shirts to sell using the same RIP N DIP phrase. His skateboarding tag signature eventually became his brand name.

Inspired by the attention he got from the kids at the camp and friends, Ryan established his line of RIPNDIP clothes focused on an eccentric but exciting style. The business started with just a small capital of only$500, which was given by his father. He used the money to buy a screenprinter, and inventory of just a few shirts, jackets and sweatshirts to start.  When Ryan O’Connor began to feature the RIPNDIP cat, (the white cat Lord Nermal), the shirts went viral.

RIPNDIP opened its first flagship store on August 25, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. It features the brand’s distinct and iconic comedic character and language.

RIPNDIP Tokyo is the brand’s other flagship store that outshines all the other stores in Tokyo because of the iconic white cat, with its middle finger raised displayed at the store’s entrance.

RIPNDIP Clothing Products

Aside from shirts and sweatshirts, RIPNDIP collections include outerwear, headwear, footwear, bottoms, socks, facemasks, bags, accessories, boards, and RIPNDIP Teddy Fresh. Among the bestsellers are the RIPNDIP hoodie and RIPNDIP slides for men and women.

RIPNDIP Collaborations

The brand also collaborates with YouTubers h3h3 and Teddy Fresh. Fans adored the Teddy Fresh hoodies, Teddy Fresh air fresheners, and Teddy tote bags.

RIPNDIP came a long way from the day it started. It has become a big name recognized in the world, earning a good reputation among fans and competitors. A big thanks to its founder Ryan O’Conner, and his white cat character, Lord Nermal. Until now, the shirts with the viral design of Lord Nermal with the middle finger raised remains one of the most demanding and best-selling skateboard apparel designs in the world.