The Hundreds

After pursuing a career as an aspiring lawyer, Bobby Kim decided to rewrite the rules of modern streetwear with his aptly-named startup, The Hundreds. Bobby’s interest in design, art, and skate culture materialized at a young age, providing an expressive outlet for his internal creativity, but his parents, peers, and teachers – disconnected from the world of street-style – pressured him to pursue a more stable career. 

However, following his acceptance to law school, Bobby began to question his motivations. During his tenure, he met fellow sneaker connoisseur, Ben Shenassafar, and began designing unique, one-of-a-kind apparel pieces inspired by Japan’s most notorious inner-city movements. Fusing his love for bold, cartoony visuals, street culture, and powerful subliminal messages, Kim’s projects were a breath of fresh air that would captivate the wild and anarchic youth of California’s style capital, Los Angeles. After weaseling an initial run of products into Fred Segal’s on-floor catalog, the pair’s designs started to gain traction with inner-city consumers, carving their names into the landscape of contemporary apparel, and appearing in five of L.A.’s most prominent streetwear stores 

Since 2007, The Hundreds has focused almost exclusively on the representation (and discovery) of notable designers, collaborating on thought-provoking apparel, restructuring, and reevaluating powerful imagery, and promoting the preservation of street-oriented styles. In turn, the brand has created a haven for masses of contemporary clothing connoisseurs, as well as a friendly, collaborative, and innovative environment catered toward the betterment of creative apparel.

The Hundreds Clothing

The Hundreds has been making its big moves in a market catered toward hip-hoppers, skateboarders, surfers, rockers, and street style aficionados. There is a wide range of The Hundreds clothing and accessories to choose from, which includes The Hundreds-branded t-shirts, outerwear, denim, sweatshirts, jackets, headwear, shoes, fleece, and woven clothes. They are widely known for their high-quality hoodies. All of these products are crafted to mirror the knowledge and dedication of the company’s founders, illustrating their commitment toward the streetwear industry.

The Stores

The brand opened its flagship store in 2007 in Los Angeles. In 2008, another shop was opened in San Francisco. And in 2010 and 2011, two more stores were launched New York City and in Santa Monica, California, respectively. Billion Creation is an official supplier of The Hundreds, and ships worldwide.

The Collaborations

The Hundreds Clothing has become more popular on a worldwide level, thanks to their collaboration with highly influential clothing companies and brands. Aside from the outfit’s most notable partner, Disney, the likes of Adidas, Garfield, Hex Accessories, Seventh Letter, and Diamond Supply Co. have all had a hand in The Hundreds’ rise to stardom.

Gaining recognition as the Number Five Greatest Streetwear brand in 2011, according to Complex, The Hundreds has come a long way. Now that the brand has been in the market for almost two decades, it remains true to its commitment to producing impressive streetwear products that adequately reflect style and street culture.