The Hundreds wass founded by Bobby and Ben Hundreds in Los Angeles, California in 2013. The company started a 2-part lifestyle project, which includes an online magazine and a clothing line.

The Hundreds is heavily influenced by the skate/punk/pop culture by the 80s and 90s. They take inspiration from the streets of California – the air, the sounds of the city and everything in it. The brand showcases a classic California streetwear culture, which is about pop culture, colorful retro, punk and hip-hop style, and a care-free attitude.

They are also known for their loyal fanbase. Streetwear fans of The Hundreds gather online and offline to bond and share their fantasies and ideas and passions, types of music, and fashion trends. Now, The Hundreds is considered as one of the most prominent players in the streetwear industry.

The Hundreds Clothing

The Hundreds has been making its big moves in the market with its vast collections of streetwear for hip-hoppers, skateboarders, surfers, rockers, and street style aficionados. There is a wide range of The Hundreds clothing and accessories to choose from, which includes The Hundreds t-shirts, outerwear, denim, sweatshirts, jackets, headwear, shoes, fleece, and woven clothes. They are widely known for their high-quality The Hundreds hoodies. All these products are crafted by the knowledge and dedication of the founders to the streetwear industry.

The Hundreds Stores

The brand opened its flagship store in 2007 in Los Angeles. In 2008, another shop was opened in San Francisco. And in 2010 and 2011, two more stores were launched New York City and in Santa Monica, California, respectively. Billion Creation is an official supplier of The Hundreds, and ships worldwide.

The Collaborations

The Hundreds Clothing has become more popular worldwide and has been collaborating with big clothing companies and brands also happened. The Disney brand is one of them, along with Adidas, Garfield, Hex Accessories, Seventh Letter, and Diamond Supply Co.

Gaining the recognition of being the Number Five Greatest Streetwear brand in 2011, according to Complex, The Hundreds has come a long way. Now that the brand has been in the market for almost two decades, The Hundreds remain true to its commitment to producing impressive streetwear products that reflect style and street culture.