HUF was founded in 2002 by Keith Hufnagel, a world traveler, and professional skateboarder. The brand has a humble beginning. They started as a small shop in Tenderloin District in San Francisco, California. Upon opening to the public, they instantly became a hit. They were mostly selling popular shoes, streetwear, and skateboarding brands back then.  Huf grew instantly and is considered as a core skateboarding boutique in the entire Bay Area.

As a skateboarder himself, Keith was not completely happy with what the market had to offer. He used his personal experience, knowledge, and passion for providing better skateboarding products. For him, skateboarding is more than just a hobby or sport. With his dedication, he eventually launched his product line with HUF branding.

HUF focuses on providing premium skateboarding products – from high-quality apparel to skateboarding footwear and accessories. With advanced knowledge of the skateboarding culture, HUF instantly became a favorite in the skateboarding community.

As a brand is known worldwide, HUF offers a wide range of skateboarding products. They have a vast collection of HUF clothing and HUF shoes. Among the popular products are the HUF hoodies, HUF socks, and HUF striped shirts.

HUF pays attention to details and design. All these products are crafted to perfection to satisfy the style and needs of every skateboarder. The brand is using high-quality materials to provide users with stylish and functional products. They are also very comfortable, durable, and reasonably priced.

Aside from clothing, hats, shoes, and socks, the brand is also making accessories with the HUF name. There are Whisky glass set, baby socks, military belt, key chains, sticker packs, army knife, bags, mugs, and a lot more. All these apparel and accessories have made HUF a happy place for all skateboarders.

When it comes to design, HUF is not into loud and complicated graphics, but instead a refined style that stands out in streetwear.  Huf clothing has a laid-back and sophisticated feel, which matches well to the active lifestyle of a skateboarder. With his love and passion for skateboarding and the brand he created, Keith continues to be part of HUF. He is still committed and remains involved in the direction, design, and production of the products, and you can tell by the epic quality.