Casio had already been in the wristwatch business for a long time before one of their engineers, Kikuo Ibe, began to design the G-shock watch in 1981. Ibe was inspired to create watches that resist mechanical shock and vibration, after a pocket watch, gifted to him by his father, dropped and broke. He envisioned a watch, which would have “triple ten resistance.” It meant he had to design a watch with better battery life, water-resistance, and durability to survive a fall from a height of 10 meters.

G-Shock Watches

G-Shock watches are Casio’s most durable and long-lasting watches available. Short for “Gravitational Shock,” this popular watch was born out of Kikuo Ibe’s ambition to create a watch that never breaks. These stylish and sturdy watches are the result of repetitive research and testing, intending to provide the public with the most robust watch in the market.
Although his idea sounded simple and functional, it took nearly 200 prototypes, before the G-shock was born. He selected a team of three individuals, which he nicknamed “team tough” to help him achieve the new future of Casio watches.

After long days of hard work and research, Ibe created a design inspired by a rubber ball he saw at the playground. He noticed that the center of the ball did not suffer a shock when it was bounced, and from that simple observation, the first G-shock was released in 1983.

G-shock watches are available at Billion Creation and sport the iconic and timeless design. For more than 25 years, they have been a great partner to sports fanatics and fashionistas alike. It is an excellent combination of technology, style, and functionality, and more importantly, durability.

G-Shock: Shock-Resistant Watches

Today, G-shock is still one of the most durable and shock-resistant watches all over the world. Athletes, the military, and outdoor-lovers enjoy these watches the most. They also come in many different colors and versions, so there is always a way to express yourself, even for a multifunctional wristwatch.

Most G-shocks today are digital, while some are a combination of both analog and digital parts. They are mostly equipped with features like a stopwatch, countdown, an electroluminescent backlight, and water resistance. No wonder it is a favorite among adventurers.