Dirty Ghetto Kids, or better known as DGK, is a brand for clothing, skateboards, and accessories put together by Stevie Williams in 2002. The company aims to support skateboarders from disadvantaged communities. DGK shirts, skateboards, and other products have a general theme, “from nothing,” featured with their graffiti-like designs.

DGK Skate

Skateboarding is at the heart of the DGK brand and products. The DGK skateboard decks are generally 7-ply Maple with assorted stain veneers, but then they are coated with amazing designs sporting the signature DGK letter logo in breathtaking patterns. DGK wheels are possibly the best-designed skateboard wheels on the planet, with colorful street art on the sides and high-quality ingredients that will hold up well to even the most hardcore skating.

DGK Clothing

DGK clothing is a requirement for anyone shopping streetwear. DGK hoodies and shirts are generally made from super comfortable cotton blends, with alley-art inspired colorful designs over the front, back, and sometimes arms. Billion Creation also offers DGK jackets, tank tops, jerseys, pants, shorts, sweatpants, and more.

DGK Accessories

Popular DGK accessories include the huge variety of stickers you can find here at BC. DGK is known for their memorable phrases like “Money Talks DGK”, “Loud Trees”, “High Rollers”, and “I love Haters” You may also enjoy their DGK socks and backpacks.

About DGK

Stevie Williams grew up in the streets of Philadelphia, where he learned to skate. He and his friends would get together and skate at the LOVE Park and called themselves the “Dirty Ghetto Kids” back in the 1990s. The Reason and the ON Video Series have even documented some of their best moments.

With the opening of DGK skate brand, Stevie wanted to create something that would exceed the public’s expectations.  According to him, he did not think twice about naming the company. DGK was built upon the Gold skateboard wheels brand that Stevie owned with his friend, Eli Soto. Today, DGK is known worldwide, with skateboarders from different communities embracing their similarities through DGK skateboards and shirts.

Josh Kalis, one of Stevie’s skateboarder friends from Philadelphia, joined the DGK team in September of 2009. It was then followed by the recruitment of Rodrigo Teixeira in December 2010, after he left his Flip Skateboards team. Rodrigo explained that he departed from his previous team to be with DGK because they were interested in the same things.

From then on, their team grew, and they even started collaborations with other companies like the Zero Skateboards Company of Jamie Thomas, wherein they released multiple projects and completed U.S. tours together. DGK was also successful enough to open an indoor training facility called “Da Playground,” where the DGK team would mostly skate.

This team of passionate skaters won the “Best Team” award at the 15th Annual Transworld Skateboarding Awards. Other than that, the company continues to grow and produce products and videos that remind skateboarders that their sport is about having fun, and not the difficult tricks they see online. DGK ALL DAY here at Billion Creation, shop today our full selection of DGK.