Mob Grip is one of the most popular names when it comes to skateboard grip tape. Officially under NHS Distribution, Mob Grip is perhaps the number one trusted brand by professional skaters all over the world. Mob Grip also offers special editions of grip tapes and other accessories and apparel in skateboarding.

Mob Grip Griptape

Mob Grip is the first to produce perforated grip tape. It takes no time to get out the air bubbles from under the grip when the grip tape is applied on the deck. The microscopic perforation design of the tape pushes out the air trapped between the deck and the tape. It can be such a simple detail, but it means a lot to skateboarders. Available in full sheet size to cover the entire skateboard deck and in small, traditional size to fit the middle part of the deck, Mob Grip tapes are specifically designed to keep the feet firmly planted on the deck.

Mob Grip griptapes are also designed with unique and iconic graphics, which is one reason why the brand becomes sought after by professionals and beginners in skateboarding. The variety of graphics and images on grip tape allows the individual skater to choose based on their style and personality. There are skulls, bottle caps, wolves, eagles, MOB text, and clear graphics.

The Graphic Mob is the newest grip tape the brand offers. It features the full-color graphics and ultra-sticky adhesive that stays on decks no matter what the temperature is. Made from silicon carbide grit-binding process, it is exclusively bubble-proof, tear-resistant, and highly durable.

Mob Grip Collections offer griptapes in a special edition as partnered with Santa Cruz, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. Other collaborations include Suicidal, Sketchy Tank, Creature Skateboards, Pizza skateboards, Strangehouse, Thrasher, and many more.

Mob Grip Skateboard Accessories

Mob Grip also has a line of skateboard accessories like grip tape rollers, skateboard stickers, grip strips, and skateboard deck tools. Mob Grip completes the skateboard get-up with its collaborated edition of t-shirts and tops. Billion Creation has a variety of Mob Grip accessories designs for sale.

About Mob Grip

Most skaters thought that all grip tapes are just the same, but after using Mob Grip, skateboarding experience becomes different. Being made with the latest innovation and technology, it also promises superior functionality.