Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Skateboards and Clothing is a long-revered skateboarding brand established since 1973 under the name NHS and founded by Richard Novak, Jay Shuirman, and Doug Haut. The company is one of the oldest skateboard companies in the world. Santa Cruz is deserving of the title as the most legendary brand when it comes to skateboarding.

At first, they were only selling fiberglass raw materials. Eventually, the Santa Cruz skateboard business started when Richard, Jay, and Doug got orders of 500 skateboards from a friend in Hawaii and followed by another batch of order.

Santa Cruz Skateboards

Most of the Santa Cruz skateboard and skateboard decks are remarkable because of the iconic embedded graphics and because of the “Screaming Hand” logo. It was Jim Philipps who initially made the “screaming hand” image in 1950, but it became famous when Santa Cruz Skateboard used it as its brand logo. The logo became the icon of hardcore skateboarding not only in Santa Cruz, California, but also throughout the world.
Skateboards carry the famous brand logo and trademark. The Screaming hand, classic dot, and the company name, Santa Cruz, are most seen on decks, skateboards, wheels, helmets, and other Santa Cruz products. Skateboarding in Santa Cruz has been legendary because of these uniquely designed skateboards.

Santa Cruz Clothing Line

Santa Cruz t-shirts are designed with a classic Team Santa Cruz insignia commonly in the design. The shirts served as an advertisement for the brand and the lifestyle. The design quickly became very popular; and Santa Cruz clothing is common in any skate park or skate shop. It includes Santa Cruz shirts, Santa Cruz hoodies, hats, sweatshirts, vests, jackets, bottoms, pants, and socks.

Santa Cruz brand is also known for its unique accessories like bags, backpacks, string bags, solar sunglasses, Woodstock shopper, pouch, pin set, scarf, and coin purse. All of these clothes and accessories are available for affordable prices at Billion Creation.


Different companies wanted collaboration with Santa Cruz. One of the most popular ones is Vans, Madson, SpongeBob Square Pants, Nickelodeon, Nixon, Marvel, Odd future, Lucasfilm, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more companies collaborated with Santa Cruz for special editions of their merchandise.

The success of Santa Cruz Skateboards is also because of its number of renowned designers. Aside from Jim Philipps, who designed the “screaming hand,” other professional designers, such as Natas Kaupas, Eric Dressen, Jim Grosso, Jeff Kendall, and Roy Roskopp, also brought Santa Cruz brand to the pedestal.