Our New Era Marvel hat shop offers a large selection of signature Marvel hats, including Deadpool and Black Panther. Marvel is known for its incredible superhero comic books and movies. Its parent company, Marvel Entertainment, is a subsidiary that is owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Marvel New Era Hats & Accessories

Marvel offers a large selection of adults, kids’ socks, shoes, slides, hats, and caps. Billion Creation displays some of Marvel’s signature hats such as the New Era 9Fifty Deadpool Snapback hat and Panther Snapback hat, both in black color.

About Marvel

Marvel Entertainment, the parent company of Marvel Comics, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Disney Company. Marvel Entertainment was formerly known as the Marvel Enterprise and Toy Biz, Inc. but marketed as Marvel. Marvel merchandises are part of Disney’s Consumer Products since the acquisition. Marvel becomes successful after Disney’s acquisition, and because of this, Marvel has a lot more to launch in the entertainment world and the merchandise and products. From fashionable clothes to lifestyle apparel to collectible toys and items, Marvel adds a touch of fashion and adventure into your kids’ everyday life.