Lurking Class by Sketchy Tank is a brand designed and based on the artwork created by its founder, Sketchy Tank. It was established in 2015 when Sketchy Tank used his illustrations in designing his merchandise.

Lurking Class Clothing

Sketchy Tank clothing line for men and women includes Lurking Class hoodies and shirts in short and long sleeves with signature skate-inspired designs.

Lurking Class Accessories

Sketchy Tank skateboard accessories are available at Billion Creation. There are random skate stuff and items like Sketchy Tank hats, beanies, patches, pins, stickers and buttons. Sketchy Tank urban tote bags and Lurking Class backpack and travel bags are also available.


Collaborations have been made as the brand’s fame reaches different brands that carry the same skate and street lifestyle. Lurking Class collaborated with Tallboy, Matt Stikker, Vans, Leeds Dog supply, Snake Pit, Mr. Tucks, super Brand, Next Green Wave, and more.

About Lurking Class by Sketchy Tank

Lurking Class had an exciting beginning. Sketchy Tank is known for his blogs, where he draws the attention of many artistic and athletic individuals through his drawings and sketches of dark art, skulls, and hilarious memes. Sketchy Tank has a compilation of NSFW images and hundreds of twisted tattoo arts and visuals that he collected over the years.

The brand showcases these unique graphics and sketches in every t-shirt or apparel designed by Sketchy Tank himself. According to him, each illustration printed on the apparel has its own story, making the Sketchy Tank logo even more popular to the skater community and for the growing union of artistic and athletic individuals with the same mind and idealism.
Sketchy Tank draws his inspiration from a growing number of followers and their increasing demands for unique apparel. The street style and the artistic approach of his designs brought his brand to a higher level.

He operates the Lurking Class with a mentality of “Disturbing the comfortable, comforting the disturbed.” This idealism is evident in every Sketch Tank hoodie, Sketchy Tank shirt, and all kinds of merchandise with the Sketchy Tank logos.

Currently, Lurking Class by Sketchy Tank clothing line and artwork has been sold countrywide to more than 700 stores. Some brands also feature Lurking Class artistic merchandises at their outlets worldwide. Sketchy Tank continues to expand the business bringing the Lurking Class into becoming a major brand that is recognized worldwide.