Lifted Research Group, or better known as LRG, is a famous streetwear brand of clothing and accessories that we are proud to offer at Billion Creation. It was founded by Robert Wright and Jonas Bevacqua in Irvine, California, in 1999. The company’s primary goal is to create clothes and apparel specifically for the hip-hoppers and for the skateboarders.

LRG Clothing and Accessories

LRG clothing line and accessories are inspired by the free-spirited lifestyle of above-average persons who are passionate about their chosen path. The Giraffe image added to the company’s logo was intended to emphasize the inspiration. LRG clothes are not only for men but also for women. LRG introduced its line of women’s items in 2005, the LRG Luxirie.

LRG clothing at Billion Creation comes in various designs and styles that fit any season. The LRG Core Collection includes everyday essentials such as LRG shirts, LRG hoodies, wide-leg pants, tanks, shorts, denim, cardigans, jackets, and sweaters.

LRG also designed its line of hats, face mask, eyewear, ashtray, grinder, silicone jar, holster, and more.

LRG Electronic Accessories and Outdoor Equipment

LRG is also known for its broad range of electronic accessories and outdoor equipment that include LRG wheels, extreme vehicles, sporting goods, and more.

Sponsorship by LRG

Aside from designing streetwear clothes and accessories for sports-minded individuals, LRG also promotes and supports underground recording artists. The company also sponsors a skateboarding team.

About LRG

LRG had a humble beginning. Wright had a background in designing street clothes and hip-hop apparel while Bevacqua raised funds through the help of his father to use as capital. The philosophy behind the foundation of the business was “Underground inventive, overground effective.”

The popular color and logo of the Lifted Research Group signify several meanings and symbolism. The image of the tree symbolizes the growth of the business while its roots symbolize the origin. The cycle is used to represent its growth. The company also used the image of Giraffe to express how LRG sees far beyond what others can see.