Volcom is a famous brand of clothing that is committed to providing high-quality, board-sports-oriented signature outerwear and clothes designed with innovation, experimentation, and liberation. Volcom is known for its “Stone” logo. Its slogan “True to This” and unique campaigns such as “Let the Kids Ride Free” made them an essential in the street/snow/skatewear industry.

Volcom Clothing

Volcom Clothing includes various streetwear designs for men, women, and kids. The famous Volcom shirts and Volcom boardshorts are not only built for sports and outdoor wear but also for casual and fun play. Volcom pants and jeans are designed to match a Volcom jacket or a Volcom hoodie, so pulling together full outfits is no problem.

Volcom has an extensive collection of snowboarding clothes and snowboarding coats, including snow jackets and snow gear. To keep your head warm, or out of the sun, Volcom hats and beanies and other clothing accessories are designed to match the high spirit personality of the youth in the field of sports, music, and arts.

Volcom Accessories

Available at Billion Creation is Volcom’s unique range of bags and backpacks, as well as travel bags for men and women. Snowboard socks and all kinds of snowboard gears are also offered at BC.

Volcom Collection and Collaboration

Volcom Frickin Collection and Volcom GORE-TEX collection features special design and style. The brand has also collaborated with Puma, Posso, Spitfire, Hot Wheels, Schoph, Coco Ho, and more.

About Volcom

Founded in 1991 by Richard “Wooly” Woolcott and Tucker “T-Dawg” Hall, Volcom is based in Costa Mesa, California. The idea of putting up a clothing company for snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing was discussed over a trip to Tahoe in 1991. Both Wooly and T-Dawg were unemployed at that time, and with the help of Wooly’s dad, they started the business, and Volcom was born.

At first, Volcom is known as a clothing company that embodies board-oriented sports. Eventually, the company ventured out and started the Volcom Entertainment, releasing its label for action videos.

In 2011, Kering acquired Volcom Inc., which diversified and expanded the brand into a broader range. In fact, after the takeover of Kering, Volcom launched its first line of closed-toe Volcom shoes. But in 2019, Kering sold the Volcom brand to Authentic Brands Group, taking Volcom into new heights and more projects.

Inspired by the creativity and high spirit of the youth, Volcom is not only about the products they design and sell but about the movement that encourages the youth to ride free and express themselves. The brand has youth-oriented programs where kids can come and interact together.