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Official Death Kush Holiday Collection

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Official has released yet another rendition of their popular “High As Fuck” collection. They brought the heat this Holiday season with their new Death Kush colorway. The “High as Fuck” collection has produced some of Official’s hottest pieces to date, and with this new black and white colorway, it’s only going to continue to get better. Just like previous versions, the Death Kush collection features an all over black and white galaxy hemp leaf print. This time around, Official is offering three different and unique styles, all in the same Death Kush print. The first up is the #HAF Snapback pictured above. Official used 3M™ Scotchlite™ material for the #HAF logo on the front of the hat. 3M is a reflective material that was originally designed for safety and performance activewear. However, it is being utilized more and more in the fashion world and is definitely one of the hottest trends at the moment. The material shimmers and shines when light is flashed on it. When seen in blacklight, anything made from 3M material shines even more brightly than the whitest white. Imagine the flash from a camera as a color and that’s what it looks like.

Death Kush 5 PanelThe next hat up in the Death Kush Holiday release is Official’s classic 5 panel strapback. Undoubtedly one the most popular styles in Official’s lineup, the 5 panel Death Kush hat features a sewn in “HIGH AS FUCK” patch on the front of the hat. Official did away with their old faux leather strapbacks, to make room for their new unique loop-style enclosures.

Death Kush Bucket

Unlike previous seasons, Official has made a brand new addition to their “High As Fuck” series of hats by adding a bucket-style hat to their Death Kush Holiday collection. With the Death Kush Bucket Hat, Official has combined one of the hottest new trends in streetwear with one of the dopest prints of the year. Following the Death Kush theme, the bucket hat features the Spanish word for Death [MUERTE] underneath the brim of the hat.

No matter which style you like the best, the Death Kush series offers something unique from the rest. Official continues to kill it season after season with every new release. The Death Kush collection is a small example of Official’s creativity, and we can’t wait to show you guys what they have in store next! Check back here for all the latest from Official. This collection is available at our San Diego retail location, or at our Online Shop.