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Wiz Khalifa x Flat Fitty Collection Just Dropped

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Wiz Khalifa’s collaboration with Flat Fitty has created some of the sickest designs we have seen. Starting with the Fry Dye Bucket Cap. Even if you’re not a fan of bucket caps, there’s room in your wardrobe for this one. I can name about a handful of reasons why you will end up being super happy to have this. First, this cap is hot. like, real hot. It’s already sold out on Flat Fitty’s website and only a matter of time before we are cleaned out. Second, this cap is reversible, so you get two designs for the price of one. This cap is super wearable in both patterns. On the fry dye side, you have a purple and aqua blue pattern that’s easy like Sunday morning. Great for the summer or for keeping you shady anywhere the sun and drinks are strong. The fabric on the fry dye side is also super soft, and kind of has the feel of your favorite cap. You know, the worn in soft feel. The flip side of this bucket hat has a pattern that matches most outfits. Striped colors on solid black make this side playful and hard.


The Cheetah Buckle and Scarred Buckle strapbacks are a futuristic blend of fabrics. The main prints on these hats are a suede and metallic blend with a black faux leather visor. The black faux leather also goes up the front panels a little to form a black crown pattern. Slick and clean.

Flat Fitty Wiz Khalifa Collection Scarred Metallic Brick Gold Black Animal Print Buckle Buckleback Strapback Hat CapFlat Fitty Wiz Khalifa Collection Metallic Green Gold Black Cheetah Buckle Buckleback Strapback Hat Cap

The studded strapbacks bring full swag to this line. Warning: These studs are no joke. The entire top of the visor is covered in studs. Thick heavy studs. The silver on black are squared off studs while the black on black are circular studs.

Flat Fitty Wiz Khalifa Collection Grey Silver Metal Studded Studs Buckle Bucklebacks Strapback Hat Cap


Flat Fitty Wiz Khalifa Collection Black Metal Studded Studs Buckle Bucklebacks Strapback Hat CapThese are all limited edition caps so get them while you can. Also, check out the Wiz Khalifa Converse line for cool hookups.