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Exclusive Magic Collection: In-Depth First Look

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Real Print Fitted Series La Lakers Pittsburgh Pirates Chicago Bulls
Real Print Fitted Series

If you have been following our blogs, you would know that Billion Creation got the opportunity to attend the Agenda+ Magic Las Vegas tradeshow last August. We have been a partner with New Era for many years now, creating custom designs and offering only the best from their upcoming collections. We already shared with you our Custom Collection we designed with New Era, but now it’s finally time to showcase Part II, with the exclusive Magic Collection. All of the hats that are part of this collection we’re  offered exclusively to only a handful of retailers who attended the Magic tradeshow, hence the Magic Collection. All of these styles saw a very limited release, and we are excited to share with you the hot new styles that just dropped. The motif behind New Era’s Magic Collection has to do with prints. All the piece’s  from the collection feature unique designs and patterns that are exclusive to New Era, and now Billion Creation as well. We have three series of prints to showcase today, each offering something completely different.

The Real Prints series (pictured above) offers something never done before by New Era. We have three styles of fitted hats which include: the Real Chains print, the Real Floral print, and the Real Tiger print. Each of these prints are attached to the visor with only one clear seamless stitching around the perimeter, as opposed to the standard eight row stitching. This allows the prints to truly shine on their own. If you haven’t figured already, the Real Prints series consists of realistic printed patterns such as the lifelike tiger fur, roses, and chains. But wait, it gets better! The Real Print series was also made into an exclusive collection of bucket hats (pictured below)! The three prints you saw above will all be constructed as bucket hats as well as fitted hats. Not to mention there is a bonus print in the bucket collection called, “Real Graffiti.” This print features realistic and colorful graffiti designs. Each of the buckets feature an all over printed design with a small embroidered New Era flag logo on the side.

Real Print Bucket Series
Real Print Bucket Series
Ostrich Vize Zebra Series Miami Marlins Star Wars New York Yankees
Ostrich Vize Zebra Series

You guys already saw us utilize faux ostrich leather in our  Ostrich Rock custom designed hat. Well now one of the hottest animal prints is back, and it’s brought a couple friends with it. The Ostrich Vize series combines the luxurious faux ostrich leather with a printed zebra or leopard pattern overlay. The Ostrich Vize Zebra series has three different styles  to chose from, all with the same black and white theme. The simplistic black and white zebra stripes compliment the ostrich skin beautifully, coming together for the perfect marriage. The Ostrich Vize Leopard series offers something a little more fun, with a unique red or purple leopard print overlaid the faux ostrich skin. The pops of color match up to the team’s traditional colorway. All of the hats in the Ostrich Vize series have a matching printed leather buckle-style strapback.

Ostrich Vize Leopard Series LA Lakers Chicago Bulls
Ostrich Vize Leopard Series

Last up in our three part series for the Magic Collection is called the Snake-Thru series. There is no doubt that snakeskin is one of the hottest prints in the game. A problem a lot of people are having is getting the high quality look of authentic snakeskin, without having to spend a small fortune. Well, I think it’s safe to say that New Era has found the solution to that problem. The Snake-Thru series offers the highest quality faux snakeskin leather we have ever seen! Available in an two colorways, the Snake-Thru series has faux texturized scales that feel like real snakeskin! You can also see a very subtle tonal snakeskin pattern as well. Both designs will feature a heavily-embroidered American League patch on the side, as well as a matching snakeskin strapback in their respective colors.

Snake-Thru Series
Snake-Thru Series

As companies like New Era continue to bring innovative designs to the table, we will be there to bring you all the coverage. New Era really impressed us this time around, and we hope you enjoy the designs as much as we do. The Magic Collection will be available HERE and at our San Diego Flagship store, while supplies last.