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The Buffalo Summit + Exclusive First Look!

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Billion Creation and New Era’s relationship dates back to 1989, being one of the biggest brands we carry. This past March, New Era selected only a handful of shops to create custom designed hats at their  headquarters in Buffalo, New York. Four shops were chosen from Southern California, including yours truly! Yeeeeeeauh!

Fabric Spools

The Buffalo Summit three-day trip began with a tour of New Era’s US factory located in Derby, New York. I knew I wasn’t in San Diego anymore when I looked out my car window and saw the snow falling for the first time. Witnessing the production of a hat from start to finish was truly a remarkable experience. The sewing machines blasted boisterous noise throughout the entire building. Each assembly person was responsible for a particular aspect of the construction. One person would embroider the logos, another would attach the visor to each hat, while another would sew the panels together. Each hat had to go through at least one dozen people’s hands before it was finally completed. Talk about a painstaking process just for one hat. The experience definitely made me appreciate the time and work that goes into making each and every cap. You really do get what you pay for with New Era.

Hockey Game
Me and some friends from the New Era Buffalo Summit at the Sabres game

Being a San Diego native, I have never even seen a hockey game. When New Era decided to take all of us at the Summit out to a hockey game, I’ll admit that I wasn’t looking forward to it. Boy was I wrong. My first hockey game between the Sabres and the Maple Leafs was one of the most exciting games of the entire season, ending in double overtime! However, my trip wasn’t just all fun and games… Well, actually, it kind of was.

New Era Headquarters
New Era Headquarters

The really fun part was getting to meet with one of New Era’s designers, Billy, for some one-on-one design time. Billy had in front of me hundreds of different fabrics, textures, and materials. I was basically able to create anything that my heart desired, only limited to my imagination. It was a hat geek’s dream. Billy had his computer hooked up to a big screen television where he was able to render live samples of anything I wanted to see together. Billy and I went over 50 different design possibilities, eventually narrowing it down to the best 12 hat designs. This collection of caps features super unique prints and materials that I guarantee you haven’t seen anywhere else. I set out to design a collection for the future, getting inspiration from all the latest fashion trends. Our EXCLUSIVE collection with New Era will be a very limited release and will only be sold at our San Diego shop, as well as at our Billion Creation website.

As our treat to you, here is an exclusive SNEAK PEAK at a few designs from the collection!!!

Custom Collection Sneak Peak 1!

Custom Collection Sneak Peak 2!
Custom Collection Sneak Peak 3!