You are currently viewing Buy A Gucci Pinoy Hat From Official And Support Ongoing Philippines Relief Efforts

Buy A Gucci Pinoy Hat From Official And Support Ongoing Philippines Relief Efforts

PinoyReliefOfficial & Billion Creation Join the Red Cross to Continue Philippines Relief Effort

We wanted to take this moment to remember all the people in the Philippines devastated by Typhoon Haiyan that still need our help. It was only just this past November, the powerful typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) devastated  swept through Southeast Asia, destroying all in its path. The Philippines was especially hit hard, taking the brunt of the storm. There, Typhoon Haiyan took the lives of more than six thousand people and displaced over 4.1 million others. To put this kind of devastation in perspective, it would be like every home and every community in all of San Diego County and Tijuana destroyed and everyone going homeless. What’s worse is that a lot of these 4.1 million people are still without a real home. The good people of the Philippines are still suffering and they still need our help. Click to see Washington Post article by Chico Harlan about the aftermath.

As there way to show that their hearts and minds are still with those suffering in the Philippines, Official Crown of Laurel is doing something pretty exciting. They have decided to re-release one of their most popular hats, the Gucci Pinoy, and donate 100% of the sales of this hat to the Red Cross Philippines Relief Fund. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Official is a relatively small company with only about a dozen people on their team, yet their hearts and minds are bigger than most of the better known street wear companies (see The Hundreds, Huf, and Diamond Supply Co). To be able to do something like this for the people of the Philippines shows just how much Official cares not only about making great hats, but it also shows how much they care about our world as well. They have set a fine example of how one little company can make an impact.

We were so inspired by what Official is did that we decided to follow their lead. Billion Creation will also donate 100% of our profits from the sale of the Gucci Pinoy hat to the Red Cross Philippines Relief Fund. Hopefully our contributions will make a difference in drawing awareness the the ongoing need in the Philippines and help improve the lives of the people who still need help to rebuild theirs.

Official’s re-release of the Gucci Pinoy hat not only helps those in need, it is also a stylish edition to your wardrobe. It’s the same Gucci Pinoy hat that was so popular the first time around. But they did make some subtle changes from their original design from three years ago. This time around, they opted for a new Gucci-colored loop strapback instead of the classic snapback. Also, they added an embroidered patch on the back that says Bayanihan. The Filipino word Bayanihan is literally translated as “Sense of Community.” Powerful words that are sure to leave a lasting impression. So get your Gucci Pinoy on and look good doing good. The exclusive Gucci Pinoy relief hat is available here, and at our flagship San Diego location.

Official Gucci Pinoy Philippines Relief Re-Release Trucker Strapback Hat