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The Etnies Scout Gets Put to the Test

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Since Etnies released their Scout line of shoes, they have been incredibly popular for their style, versatility, and comfort. We decided to field test the Black and White Aaron Ross Scout by Etnies. In Maui.


THE LOOK: Just looking at this shoe out of the box, it has sleek lines and a low profile design. The Scout is similar in profile to the Nike Free but also shares some stylistic elements to the Nike Roshe Run. The Aaron Ross Black and White version of the Scout comes in a heather fabric that has the look and feel of a rich soft wool. The fabric upper is also thicker than the fabric on other versions of the Scout, which tend to have more of a mesh design fabric.


THE FEEL: These are some of the best fitting shoes, EVER! I am a medium to wide foot and the Scout fits just right. Not even goldilocks could complain about the fit on the Scout. The secret is that the entire upper is unstructured allowing enough flexibility for all width sizes. So no matter how wide or narrow your foot, the Scout will always have a nice and snug fit that is just right. Also, these shoes come with the Ortholite insole for support, making walking extremely comfortable. The support is very similar to that of the Nike Free. Also similar is the breathable upper, providing ventilation and quicker drying time.


THE TEST: We put our Aaron Ross Scouts through their paces and in all conditions. Going through airport security was a breeze, thanks to how easy it is to take off and put on these shoes. RUN!: On a test run of about 3 miles, these shoes were great. Again, the comparisons with the Nike Free kept coming up. Similar minimalistic sole provided better road feel. And the Scout are so light (a size 9 weighs only 6 ounces per shoe) they make you feel like you can fly. One of the biggest selling points of the Scout is that they are an all condition type shoe. I wanted to put that to the test by jumping in the ocean with my Scouts on. So I did, and they felt fine. Not quite up to the level of water shoes, they weighed down a little bit while in the water. Once I got out they were pretty quick to dry on their own, taking about 1-2 hours in the sun. Because of their waterproof construction they also dry out completely and don’t get moldy or mildewy. Seeing as how it was so much fun jumping into the water the first time, I did it again. And then got them covered in dirt. Needing them cleaned up and ready to go in a hurry (dinner plans), I put them in a washer on cold and then in a dryer on tumble dry high. In 60 minutes, my Scouts came out looking and smelling new, and ready for a night out. No mildewy laundered shoe smell. Just Tide fresh. By the end of the trip, my Aaron Ross Scouts looked and felt just the same as when I started.


The Enties Scout are slick and comfortable and they definitely live up to their reputation of being one of the most versatile shoes on the market. Run, swim, walk, get dirty, get clean, go out, repeat. If you want one pair of shoes that can take you anywhere and keep you looking good doing it, try on a pair of Scouts. You just might decide never to take them off.

EtniesScoutBKWHScout Black/White; $64.99

EtniesScoutBKWHGUMScout Black/White/Gum; $59.99