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Heritage: The New Era 59FIFTY Established Roman Hat

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Before the word “Fitted” became a noun, the heritage began when one man embarked on a journey that would revolutionize and redefine the headwear industry. The New Era Cap Company was founded in 1920 by Ehrhardt Koch.  He started the company producing fashion caps.  Fourteen years later, they made their first MLB cap (Cleveland Indians) then the 59FIFTY was born in 1954.  It wasn’t until 1996 that New Era would have its first brush with fame outside of the baseball field. This was the year when Spike Lee requested a special customized red Yankees cap.  And that is how their custom design program was inaugurated. Now they have an entire team of designers whose job is to continue to be the innovators and originators of caps.  We all know where rest of this story goes…

The Established Roman cap pays homage to the history of New Era showcasing 90 years of craftsmanship, innovation, and endurance in the headwear industry.  This cap uses 3-D embroidery, a technique pioneered by New Era. This cap, like most New Era fitteds, is a 59FIFTY, which has is the standard for fitted caps everywhere today. This cap also has the ubiquitous sizing sticker, a trend made popular by New Era. On the inside you can see New Era branded taping, another fashion and style trend started by them.  They’ve also integrated inner lining on the two front panels, which is also done only by the most skilled cap companies. The inner lining itself shows a montage of all of the New Era logos ever used printed on a fabric. Almost all of these logos are now iconic to the era that it represented. When you wear this cap, you are wearing a piece of history. And if the last 90 years are any indication, New Era will still be crafting and innovating for at least the next 90 years.

New Era Established Roman Inner Lining
Inner Lining of the New Era Established Roman Cap

The Established Roman hat is part of New Era’s Gold Star Collection. The Gold Star Collection is offered only to a handful of New Era’s premium shops, including Billion Creation. These hats show off New Era’s talent for creating more unique and fashion forward designs.  They are hard to find and always limited edition prints.